What is the most unusual conversation you've ever had?

I'm new to quora, so please forgive my mistakes...

The conversation bloomed two friends forever and was an unusual meeting for us...

It was raining outside and boring lectures of botany was going on inside. I was in a dream world. Professor was explaining something with great enthusiasm, but I didn't get the same. All I wished was for a coffee and my favourite novel. That would have made my day.

"Drizzling day

For my heart;

And I wish

Someone could

Collect it for me."

I just scribbled it that came up on my mind on the desk and the boring class continued..

The next day on the same place... now it was an interesting lecture. So I was concentrating, but there was a comment under my scribble..

"hahaha.. Funny things."

I found it rude. I was sad and wrote there

"who are you to say that?"

It continued... I mean the conversation with a stranger on my desk...

The next day, I saw a girl's face drawn with utter perfection on my desk and wrote ‘Aadhi' beneath it.

So I commented...

"so funny"

Out of curiosity I added..

"are you aadhi?"

The next day....

It was scribbled on top of it...

"my name is Aadhith and you?"

Wow...I began less concentrating on the classes. I was wondering who this guy was. I was adviced not to tell your name to strangers. So instead I scribbled,

"in which class do you study?"

And the very next day I saw..

"I saw your name on the science olympiad list. You had not signed."

Oh my god. I was shocked. I didn't say my name. Then I thought maybe he misunderstood who was replying. So I scribbled on the desk,

"you don't know my name!"

I went to school the next morning but early to see the reply. Infact I was addicted to it. And i saw,

"I know it Sneha."

I didn't expect that. So my heart was beating like drums. I was like... even shivering. My hands then cold and all I could think about was how Aadhith could know my name.

So I wrote,

"I don't know you."

I didn't knew what was going to happen, but I was super excited.

I was early to class, got settled and I saw..

"wanna meet? If so you can come to the library in the first break."

It was written in the smallest handwriting I've ever seen. It was hard for me to find out, but at last.... Got it.

The bell rang for the first break, exam papers were being distributed. I didn't understand what happened to me that time, but I got out of the class, didn't even had the curiosity to know my mark....

I entered in the library...

I didn't know who it was. I haven't even seen such a guy. But I went. There was no one waiting for me. I thought I was deceived and stood in the middle of the library like I lost something very dear to me, but somehow, I sat in the corner empty table. All other tables were filled. I took the newspaper and was reading...

Within a minute, a guy came and sat opposite to me with a chemistry today magazine and whispered, "I'm Aadhith."

I looked up and he was smiling at me. I smiled back.

"you're late." I said still looking at the newspaper.

"sorry, won't repeat it again." he replied looking at the magazine.

"Again"?? What was he meaning? But I kept that question to myself.

Later we got to know each other more. More in the sense, all the details, I was getting a good friend. He was senior to me and was staying in the hostel. So he used to study sitting in my place, so got engaged writing on desks. We write with pencil that we can rub it then. He's the last one to sit on the bench and I'm the first. So no one could overead what we've written.

We still are very good friends. I buy him snacks as he stay in the hostel. He clears any doubt I have. But I have never asked how he knew my name. I hope I would ask it someday.

It was the most unusual conversation I've ever had. And by the way I've gained a very good friend. I always owe him a lot...

I'm new to quora, so please forgive me for my mistakes...

Thanks for reading,


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