What is the most useful skill that a person could learn and practice?

"What is the most useful skill that a person could learn and practice?"

How to define a word.

Life is basically UNDERSTANDING.

A word that is not well understood can place you out of communication with life. Defining words so they are understood can place you back into communication with life.

Any subject is a group of related UNDERSTANDINGS. One word not well understood early in a subject, can make you UNABLE to learn that subject. Clarifying that one word returns your education in that subject to you, returns your ability to learn that subject, and your willingness to learn that subject. This applies to ALL subjects.

One quote from 1994 (Educational Testing Services re NAEP testing) said that "50 percent of students drop out of math each year in America, and by 12th grade only 5 percent are at grade level." These students have become unable to learn, and defining words can return their ability to learn and return them to grade level with full comprehension of the materials and with the ability to apply.

One way to start learning this skill is to read the book, How to Use a Dictionary Picture Book for teachers or parents, or this one from Amazon for children, How to Use a Dictionary: Picture Book for Children: L. Ron Hubbard: 9781584600060: Amazon.com: Books

One series of tests in South Africa over a period of years, called a longitudinal study, tested 7th grade to 12th grade students each year, and found that each year the students got dumber, they got lower intelligence test scores. One could learn "How to use a dictionary" and then go back with these 12th graders to their 12th grade materials, and recover the loss in intelligence, just by clarifying the words they went past in 12th grade, that they did not fully understand. Then one could do the same with their 11th grade materials. Same result. Then one could go to their 10th grade materials, etc all the way back to the first materials, the first words they went past in their educations and recover all the intelligence they lost, from each subject. One would then want a more extensive study course, but basically one would have each student define each new word they came to when they restudied those materials quickly. One would then have the full understanding of those K-12 materials, with the ability to apply it.

This is not a difficult skill to learn there are many courses that teach one how to do this. How to identify when they have gone past a word they did not understand, and how to become willing to learn any subject, again.


  • Articulating what you think and feel. "It's extremely important for a person to learn to put into words what he thinks.
  • 2. " Stealing" from the greats.
  • Self-discipline.
  • Knowing what you don't know.
  • Charisma.
  • The ability to accept and move on.
  • Thinking differently.
  • Empathy.

Self Satisfaction....

Critical thinking skills.

You can practice them every day, right here on Quora. It is the "most useful" skill as in the information age the ability to be a critical consumer of content can make a significant impact on how you frame decisions and the subsequent outcomes of those decisions.

Critical thinking is invaluable as it is a skill that teaches a person how to think rather than what to think.


Mad at that fast food establishment messing up your order? Let it go.

Mad that a service is taking too long? Let it go.

There are so many situations that are out of our control, and taking your anger out on those around you won't fix the problem. Two wrongs don't make a right. Sure there are employees at establishments who are lazy and don't care, but there might also be a situation behind the scenes you don't know about. My point isn't to just "stop getting mad at fast food places for bad service". My point is that throughout our lives we will encounter so many shitty circumstances, and staying calm and genuine/kind will really help you.

Patients, and a good attitude

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