What is the most valuable thing in a person?

According to my experience,it is,

The Emotional Intelligence.

I think one's ability of controlling his temperament in unfair situations and tough times is the best thing one can ever have.

  • To be patient in the times of failure.
  • To keep ones anger in control when humiliated  or insulted.
  • To wait till something worth comes in the long run and not to satisfy for temporary pleasures.
  • To bear unfair behaviors of others.
  • To not over-joy when 'win' and not to despair when lost.

Experiences and stories.


  • are the root of wisdom and personal growth
  • builds and demonstrates your skills and abilities, whether technical, social or emotional
  • can be multiplied and shared in realtime with others, and retained and be shared for the rest of your life as stories
  • can result in more and better experiences, through interactions with others and personal progress
  • can inspire in yourself confidence and hope, compassion and understanding
  • includes such wonderful, timeless things like love, and
  • make life feel worth living, even despite any suffering, challenges, difficulties or disabilities.

Lastly, as Viktor Frankl put it: "Was du erlebst, kann keine macht der welt dir rauben" - what you have experienced, no power on earth can take away from you.

Love. For all things including yourself.

"If a man likes a flower when he walks past it, he plucks it up. But if he loves a flower, he waters it daily." One who understands this understands life. -Bhudda

Though I follow Christ, I feel that this quote is valuable to anyone of any faith. Along with biblical text. Jesus Christ said that the commandment above all commandments is "love thy neighbor as thyself." Which has a similar application towards handling others. True love can do anything if it's true.

If value can be defined financially then a persons heart would fetch low to mid six figures on the black market.  The money would be paid to a relative or heir of course.

The most valuable quality to see in a person would be sense of direction because it's easy to be put off-beat in the hectic and bustling world from our true character. This small quality has a profound impact on our lives, and differentiates between wether we choose to live for happiness, enter the right career for love and enjoyment, not money.

Assuming I have never left the UK, which country would give me the biggest culture shock should I visit there?

I would definitely say the USA. not because it is so radically different to the UK but because you would be surprised about so many things.To you go to somewhere like China you would expect cultural differences so I am not saying the USA is

Is it possible to travel in time with a wormhole?

Wormholes are theoretical concept.A worm hole or the einstein rosen bridge, can be visualized as a tunnel with two ends, each at separate points in spacetime (i.e., different locations and/or different points of time)The idea of worm hole comes from the fact that Nothing is perfectly flat