What is the naughtiest experience you've had while hiking?

The naughtiest thing I have done while hiking happened with best friend, the same guy I have mentioned in several of my posts on this site. It was more of a rough it up fishing trip than a hike, but pretty much the same thing.

Anyway, the naughtiest thing that happened was me giving hi a blowjob. Now, this in itself was nothing out of the ordinary, considering that I had already given him well over a hundred blowjobs. Even when he got a steady girlfriend, the frequency declined a bit, but he still continued getting blowjobs from me.

What made it different on this occasion was the fact that his girlfriend was with us. I had my own tent, and the two of them were sharing their own tent. Now, I cannot even begin to explain just how hot and how beautiful his girlfriend was, and this obviously played a part.

It was already quite late and so off the two of them went to their tent, while I continued sitting on the water's edge. We were at a very isolated loch in northern Scotland. Anyway, after a few minutes, I could clearly hear that something was going on in their tent, and yes, it did arouse me because I new very well what they were up to. I have no idea of how much time went by, but then I heard and saw my walking to where I was sitting. We had absolutely no secrets, so we soon started joking about what had just happened in his tent, and I told him that I couldn't hear everything, but that I could hear enough for it to get me hard.

More or less at that point he told me to give him my hand, and when I did he placed it inside his tracksuit pants. He wasn't fully erect, but also not completely flaccid and I can remember it was still a bit wet and sticky. Now, I had felt and sucked his penis so many times by now, but never when it had just come out of a very sexy woman and was still a bit wet and sticky. Needless to say, my level of arousal instantly went off the scale, and by this point he was more fully erect again, and then he asked me if I am just going to sit there playing with it all night, or if I was going to suck it, also reminding me in very clear terms that it had just been inside his girlfriend I I would be able to taste her juices. Well, let's just say I had a feast and could have carried on all night but I think he only lasted for about fifteen minutes before he erupted in my mouth.

When we were done he asked me if it tasted good and I said yes, obviously, to which he replied that he was referring to his girlfriend's juices. I assured him that she tasted nectar from the gods, and then off he went to his tent, and I duly went ahead and made love to my hand.

Woke up the next morning and once again abused my right hand while thinking about what had happened the night before. With that taken care of, I got up, and the two of them soon followed. Before long, we had our small gas cooker fired up and we were soon enjoying our first coffee of the day. Then, in the most casual and most innocent of ways, his girlfriend thanked me for my compliment. Since I had paid he any compliment, I asked her what she meant, fully expecting her comment to be sarcasm for me not saying thank you for the coffee, bearing in mind that her and I had been good friends for ages already, even before her and my friend hooked up.

When I asked her what she meant, she said the compliment from last night. Well, I was left absolutely speechless, and especially because she even quoted my comment about her tasting like nectar from the gods.

I remember looking over at my friend, and he just burst out laughing, at which point his girlfriend told me that she has know for ages already that my friend and I have been giving each other head for years already.

Yes, I was well and truly shocked initially, but then I just couldn't help think how awesome it was that the three of us could be so open with each other.

There was never any talk of a threesome, or about her wanting to watch or anything like that. It was simply a matter of her having no objection to me blowing my friend or even him blowing me. In fact, she even said that if has the urge to cum in someones mouth, then should much rather he cums in my mouth rather than in hers because she was very keen on it.

I was hiking with friends. We were gone in the woods for about a week. It was an awesome experience, an the view was amazing. However, the temperature changed suddently ; it was raining cats and dogs. We were soaked and tired. We set up our camp and went immediatly in our tent. During the night, I woke up because we were flooded. I did some further research to find a high quality tent and I found this model. I really recommend it :


Is he in love with someone else?

Yes. One night after our guests left, he snapped at me, using expletives that did not make sense. I immediately became suspicious. After this disagrement, I told him I could live with him if he continued to cross such lines

What do Brits think about Independence Day in America?

I work for a multinational company in the UK head office. Our second biggest office is Houston. On July 4th I brought in a US flag and draped it over a cabinet next to my desk.Lots of people gave me funny looks and asked me why there