What is the number one life hack that never gets old?

I used to pride myself on being a good liar. Looking back, I don't know what I was thinking.

Detoxification Of The Body Is my hack.

Detoxification returns energy to the body and makes me feel positive and strong.

With detoxification, the excess toxins from the body are ejected .

One of the many symptoms of excess toxins in the body is: Premature aging, depression, poor memory, skin problems ...

Therefore I regularly do detoxification of my body , and the benefits are obvious.

Spend less, and if you can MUCH less, than you make. Religiously. No matter what. When you have savings, you can weather financial storms, have options to make moves others who are living paycheck to paycheck cannot, and usually can take advantage of savings as they come up - which is often exactly why the rich end up getting richer.

Which OS is better, Windows, Marcos, or Linux?

Linux is an open source distribution and so many flavors there under this like Centos, Ubuntu, Fedora etc.....But the here main concept, you have to choose from desktop or Servers edition which is essential for your work .......Absolutely Linux Servers are highly secured and need so much patience to resolve

Which car manufacturer in India is safest?

The short answer is none.None of the Cars that are manufactured in India have received a 5 Star safety rating.All hatch backs are equally unsafe. If you go for European makes VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, skoda, Volo. They are far better / safer than Indian counterparts.If

What purpose does engine oil serve besides lubricating the moveable parts of the engine?

Previous answers dealt with lunrication, corrosion resistance, and some cooling.Oil also does many things in a modern engine provide hydraulic force. Hydraulic valve lifters, timing chain tensioners, etc. Some new Diesel engines have oil pressure driven fuel pumps.