What is the one thing that changed your perspective on life?

When I was 16 years old I was working the maximum (legally allowed) part time hours at a local hospital in St. Louis.

I worked on weekends and evenings after classes to pay my living expenses while saving for college.

I was primarily responsible for working in one of the main hospital floor's kitchen.

Where is the most poisonous snake situated?

The deadliest land snake is the Inland taipan. Previously called the fierce snake but has been recently reclassified as a Taipan.these snakes are very reclusive and are only found in Australia, they are in a small area around where The Northern Territory, Queensland,New South Wales and South Australia join.there have been no reported deaths from a bite by

What is your personal motivation to attend the gym?

Hi Thomas:I am highly motivated by the health, rejuvenation, rehabilitation benefits of conducting a fitness program such as keeping my weight within the desired range, maintaining healthy blood pressure, improve my cognitive capacity, develop more stamina and better balance and flexibility. I discovered all these attributes and more in weightlifting and

Why do humans have languages but animals don't?

Animals do not have languages as we understand it, with grammar, enough words to make long sentences expressing abstract ideas, but some do have proto-languages (ie: for a specific species of monkey a male crying ‘hok' means immediate danger jaguar, but ‘hok-on' means lookout