What is the one thing you have done which has changed your life completely?

Yes! There have been a couple of decisions that have changed my life, but one of the most significant ones is - visiting my parents in Kiev and deciding to stay back with them!

Back in June 2014, my father got transferred to Kiev (Ukraine). Because of the Crisis, my parents thought it would be best for their 3 children (all in twenties) to stay back in India. I planned to visit them during my winter vacations.

As soon as the plane landed, I was teary-eyed. I don't know if it was the feeling of seeing my parents after almost 6 months, or was it the feeling of coming to Kiev. I was full of joy!

I love winters - the snow, the chilly winds, everything calm and white! I fell in love with Kiev instantly!

Is a shy guy thinking who is also an introvert?

Your question is hard to answer from a distance not knowing any of the players.  You would be surprised how often questions to do with introversion come up on Quora.  I like to answer these questions because of my own experience as an introvert

What is an INTJ?

What is an INTJ? They are the misunderstood. The modern scientists. Our strategic planners. Our visionaries and world changers.INTJs aren't generally seen in the outside world. They are more secluded and so, these types don't really get the recognition they deserve.Knowledge CrazyThey are very intellectually driven and are

How many squats a day in order to see results after 1 month?

What results are you looking for?Assuming strength and muscle gain; I would say quality over quantity. If you want to see results in such a short amount of time then you're going to need to squat hard, heavy and often.There is no need to