What tips do you have for traveling in Europe?

  1. Visit on Off Season: Avoid the months of June, July and August if you'd rather not fight large lines and crowds to see the Mona Lisa or the Sistine Chapel.
  2. Shop at Family Businesses: Head off the beaten track of Eiffel Towers and Galeries Lafayettes to check out the smaller businesses, the family-run patisserie or the mom-and-pop gelato place on the corner.
  3. Learn the Local Language: Practice a few phrases before you arrive and use them with locals if you feel comfortable. In most cases, they'll appreciate a tourist trying to speak the local tongue.
  4. Stay Longer in One Place: It not only means less packing and unpacking, you have the chance to get to know a neighborhood, find a favorite cafe, and even make a few friendships by sticking it out in one place.
  5. Do as the Locals Do: Observe what the locals do and follow suit like, don't wear tank tops in conservative Orthodox churches, or lower your tone-most Europeans speak at a softer tone than Americans.
  6. Be Aware of Afternoon Closures: Europeans value their lunch breaks, and midday meals often extend over hours. So you may find a ticket office or post is closed from noon until 2pm.
  7. Stray From the Beaten Path: You can see and do so much more if you stay off of it. Ask locals at the bar for their recommendations of where to eat and drink, or read online.
  8. Stay Central and Walk Everywhere: Splurge a bit and book a moderate place in or near the city center. You'll be able to reach the main sights and find cafes and restaurants with no trouble at all.
  9. Stay in a Smaller City: Choose a smaller town with its own city center, and one that doesn't get as many tourists, but are still just a short train ride away from the main hubs: Girona near Barcelona, Bologna near Florence.
  10. Travelby Train: Europe loves their trains, and for a good reason. Traveling by train is often more spacious, comfortable, and easier than air travel depending on your end destination.

  1. Keep buiscuits, cookies, nuts, packaged food which is ready to eat. This will help you to save lot of money
  2. Opt for hotels with breakfast option. After the breakfast pick fruits like apple or banana and keep them in your bag to be consumed later in the day may be while you will be busy sight seeing.
  3. Travel by local public transport. It will help you to observe and know the culture and the people. It will also save you lot of money. Public transport in Europe is mostly very good and well connected.
  4. Buy a local mobile sim card and always stay connected in this digital age. Use Google maps frequently to prioritise your time.
  5. If running out of cash just use your debit card. The exchange rate will be quite lower than the ones offered by service outlet of western union money transfer at the train stations and airports. Make sure you have an international debit card.
  6. When visiting less popular places keep a low profile and don't act like your new to the place or stuck somewhere. Just stay confident and on top of everything. It might help you to keep any unwanted elements/people/thugs at bay.
  7. Keep your passport safe and locked may be at the hotel room inside your main luggage and carry its photocopies. Sightseeing places and museums doesn't ask you to show your id proofs.
  8. Whenever running out of time and have to board a train or flight always prefer a taxi because exploring public transport at that time can be a bad choice.
  9. Ask for help whenever get stuck. People are generally helpful.
  10. Always wear a smile on your face and just enjoy. All the best.


Travelling to Europe always seems like a dream, doesn't it? And when you do get there (with a little help from Pickyourtrail), here are things to keep in mind to make your trip epic -

#1 Public transport

I have been around Eastern Europe, so my knowledge would be a bit limited to that area. However, European countries in general have a similar layout and some common aspects that they all share. Some aspects I had experienced in countries like Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary included as below. Also, before planning your trip, do consider a personal loan for travel to avoid any spiraling costs.

  • It is imperative that you pay in as close to exact change as possible. If they're annoyed that you're making them give you excessive change, they'll let you know
  • Most hostels require payment by cash
  • Always convert and pay with the local currency!
  • Keep an eye or a physical hand on your belongings, keep your zippers zipped, don't flash your cash or valuables, and be especially careful with your passport. When traveling with luggage, try to store it as close to your seat as possible. Always bring a lock to use lockers if staying in hostels.
  • You will generally be much more limited in Eastern Europe, and so you should always do extra research into transportation in a region or between cities.
  • Depending on which part of Eastern Europe you'll be visiting, you shouldn't necessarily rely on trains for your transportation.

As all Europe has a common civic culture , pleas have these in mind -

  1. Phone etiquette: When in a ticket queue for a train , bus stations or any utility offices while buying tickets with the issuing , don't pick up your phone call if it rings or do not be on phone when you give money and collecting the ticket. It's offensive for the person whom giving you the ticket , else they will wait till you finish the phone and do the transaction,. This makes you embrassed in front of the others. So, try avoid this situation.
  2. No deep stare : Do not enjoy staring a beautiful kid more than three seconds . Just have a look and turn your face casually for other purposes. If the kids parents notices that you are in mind with their kid, they become conscious and sometimes even suspicious that may put you in trouble or unwanted enquires. Europeans are very protective of their kids . Same precaution applies for even young good looking adults also. Do not deep long stare any actor actress look like person, their way of dress or their fashion ornaments etc or their giggling , or the PDA ( Public display of affection and love) in the trains and other public places. Have a simple stare and move away as we can't avoid casual looks. Also , observed that they are much conscious about the South Asian people about the way you view them generally. If your etiquette is good ,you will be treated well.
  3. No selfie requests with street musicians - Don't ever ask a selfie with street music performers like violin , trumpet or key board bands , without even giving a single penny in their collection box. Most people are not playing exclusively for money , most are dignified individuals who study in music college or it's a passion on music and display of skills for getting public appreciation. Asking a selfie is kind of disturbing them and sometimes they yell on your request. So, if you like their show, see , enjoy , clap or even drop less coins than a pound or euro, they will acknowledge with smile and respect., even they agree for a selfie!!

Some things you should consider before going to Europe:

  • Stash some Euros, you can use Euros in most European countries.
  • Don't expect everyone to speak English. .
  • Europe have several low cost airlines such as Ryanair, Wueling, Wizz, Norwegian and Germanwings
  • Stay in Airbnbs and similar concepts or Booking homestays to save money on accommodation
  • Taste authentic dishes in local restaurants

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