What is the other option for divorce? Is separation legal?

Annulment of marriage on the basis of available ground for the same under the Law which covers your marriage. The voidable marriage is dissolved by the decree of nullity.
The provision of judicial separation that allows both parties to live separately without dissolving the marriage, the chances to reunite and continue the marriage is open in this form of judicial process.
In India both the above mentioned process as well the dissolution of marriage by decree of divorce through Family court only.

How to find a website that teaches me about hacking

Hacking is about exploring different things. You can't just find everything on a website that tells you yes this is how you can hack this and that. You have to learn it yourself by trying different things. First of all you have to learn the basics of Operating System and Networking for hacking. After you do that then

If you had to marry the last person you dated, do you think you would be happy?

Before I met my wife, I dated a girl, who one night after a few deinks and while having sex, she started to call me gary. Gary is my Dads name. It put me off her and I never slept with her again.A year or so later I mentioned it to her. She looked at me in shock and

When do we die?

Ah, yes. Interesting question.The obvious answer is you can't know because the future is always unsure.However if you want to dig a little deeper we should examine who the 'I' actually is. We can see that the body changes constantly. It is not that a baby expands like a balloon into an adult. The