What is the present condition of Ozone hole?

The Ozone 'hole' is a misnomer - the ozone layer has been thinning. Stratospheric ozone has decreased 3% globally between 1980 and 2000 and thins by 50% over Antarctica in winter and spring. Depletion of the ozone layer allows more ultraviolet radiation to reach the surface of the Earth. Increases in UV radiation are known to have harmful effects on living things. The Montreal Protocol and its amendments have banned the use of ozone destroying chemicals and the rate of ozone depletion seems to have slowed. Climate change will have an impact on how quickly ozone recovers. Here's what it looks like today:

Have you ever experienced a ghost, even though you don't believe in them?

Oh yes!!!I am a jee 2018 aspirant and hence almost every night I study till 1 or 2 am.I still remember the day - 8 december 2017.I was really tired as I had tution all day long and returned home at 7 pm in the evening. Though I tried to study a bit but

Is Facebook, as a company, more open than Google and Apple?

People that work at Apple often describe the experiences as being a small cog in a really large machine. Mostly because of the level of confidentiality behind the work we do, how divided and separated things are and the fact that you have many places on campus that you need different level keys

Which company is more environmentally friendly, Apple or Microsoft?

Apple is trying hard to be more environment friendly. You can see on their product packaging. There are going to run their offices and factories with solar energy. And they are telling their environment story on their website_ Apple - Environment