What is the proper way to eat a cupcake?

Apart from taking one bite at a time, eating a cupcake using non-standard approach can be interesting that will turn your cupcake consumption into an art form. Here are few ways you can follow to eat a cupcake.

1. Sandwich Approach: Tear the cupcake into half with using your hands or a knife, flip the bottom on the top and enjoy eating!

2. Enjoy using jams & spreads: Again divide the cupcake in two equal halves. Spread jam or other fillings like honey, hazelnut spread onto the bottom. Replace the top half & relish the dish.

3. Separating the parts: Place the cupcake on a dish and eat the frosting with a spoon. Dig out the filling on the cupcake to expose the filling and use it as a side to eat with the remaining cake.

4. Eating Mashed: Place a cupcake in a small bowl, mash the cupcake using fork, mix the pieces together and enjoy the dish with the fork.

"What is the proper way to eat a cupcake?"

Not sure there is one.

But my vote for least messy is to remove the paper "cup", separate about half of the cake part from the bottom, then place that part on top of the icing.

You now have a cupcake sandwich, enjoy!!

Remove the paper cup, then balance the cupcake on your nose.

Now, flip the cupcake into the air and catch it in your mouth while simultaneously biting down.

The cupcake will most likely bounce off your face and fall to the ground.

Take another cupcake and, after removing the paper, eat it like a normal person.

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