What is the real image of Earth seen from space including space junk?

In this visualization of Earth you can see all the space junk you would be able to see were it a single photo and not a composite created for snapshots over time....

I want to answer about Robert Frost's image of Earth showing North America much bigger than it really is. Unfortunatelly, Flat Earthers' jump at anything to say it's all a huge conspiracy, without realizing that THERE ARE tons of photos and videos showing Earth from space which were taken with common cameras...

First of all, that Earth photo IS ALTERED by a fish eye lens. It was taken from CLOSE UP where you can´t see the entire globe. That you see the entire globe is due to fish eye lens, like in this photo

Imho, an unfortunate choosing of a photo, maybe because Robert Frost wasn´t aware of Flat Earther's by then.

The fact is that many photos are altered for a variety of reasons:

1 - artistic license (the case with the one above)

2 - spacecraft flying close to their object of observation, to capture more detail. At the same time, to show the whole, you must STITCH the thousands of photos together. This is the clear example of the Blue Marble Globe Map Flat Earthers talk so much about.

There is actually a non edited, natural photos of the whole planet that was nicknamed Blue Marble, in the Apollo program era. Much later, when mapping the planet WITHOUT CLOUDS, scientists had to take THOUSANDS or even MILLIONS of tiny photos of the planet, select the ones without clouds and stitch it all together. It was ALSO called Blue Marble

3 - Visible light and everyday cameras are not always the best way to capture many important details and celestial phenomena. Because of that, many probes and spacecraft launched carry cameras that take photos in the infrared or ultraviolet. Many take photos in different bands of light... red, blue and green, SEPARATELY. Because of transmission BANDWIDTH. And then the 3 are combined back together by computers at Earth.

Your digital camera does THE SAME. Does that means your photos are "doctored"?

If you take a 180º panorama photo with your camera, which stitches the photos together to form the panorama, does it means the photo was doctored and is worthless to depict reality?

NASA photos ALWAYS tells in which way photos were altered, or how they were initially taken, by what methods.

And guess what, there are THOUSANDS of photos that were not touched in any way besides maybe a cropping or resizing. And that includes photos of the whole planet.

Like the 20 photos a day taken by the DSCOVR spacecraft (Deep Space Climate Observatory), a satellite positioned at the L1 point between Earth and the Sun, 1 million km away.

It's hard to see space junk from space. This is because there isn't actually all that much of it.

Think about this: What things can you see from space? Big cities are bright, so you can see those, but satellites and spacecraft don't have nearly as many lightbulbs on them as the average city building does. So what non-illuminated things can we see from space? Clouds and continents mostly.

Things have to be big if you want to see them from space. Even other things orbiting can be over a thousand kilometers closer or farther from the Earth depending on the altitude. And satellites are pretty small. Even the International Space Station is only 100 meters long. That's one football field. Think about how far away you can see a football field from. Five kilometers away? Twenty? Even if you can see it from fifty kilometers away, you're travelling too quickly to see any one thing for very long. To stay in low Earth orbit, you've got to be travelling at 8000 meters per second. Higher up, in high Earth orbit, you've still got to be travelling at 3000 m/s. If you can see something the size of a football field from 50km away, you'll only have about 30 seconds while it's within sight. And this is one of the biggest satellites out there; most of them are much, much, much smaller. Some are just about the size of a toaster. You can't see a toaster from 50 kilometers.

And there isn't *that* much space junk out there. It takes a lot of work to put stuff into space. There are 500,000 pieces of space junk in space. Those are spread out over the twenty million cubic kilometers of space that is within earth orbit. That's one piece of junk per 400 cubic kilometers. That's not very dense.

So even if you're looking for things, you're probably not going to see too much space junk. Getting back to the original question, here are some real pictures of Earth from space including all the space junk you can see.

Here is a "real image of Earth seen from space including space junk"...

Are you expecting something from Wall-E?

Currently, there are around 2,271 satellites orbiting Earth. A satellite of considerable size is about diameter of that of a trailer. Picture 2,271 trailers stationed around the earth. You are (logically) not able to see them. That would equate to: One satellite for every 86,305m^.

And once you're in orbit, there is an excessive quantity of area. Satellites orbit about from 300, to 20,000 miles over the Earth's surface (22,236 miles up is geosynchronous orbit. At this orbit, a satellite goes around the Earth once every 24 hours, so it follows the rotation of the Earth, and is always above the same spot on the ground.) At 20,000 miles up, if we take our same 2,271 trailers, each trailer would have nearly 1,700,000ft^ for itself.

You may also be contemplating damage made by Space debris. There are estimated to be nearly 200 million objects of space debris, but the vast majority are less than half an inch in size so there is no imminent danger.

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