What is the relationship between ‘golden children' and ‘scapegoat children'?

The golden child usually participates in scapegoating their scapegoat sibling. My sister was a covert narcissist and she gaslighted me many times. I couldn't express myself with her, even though I still kept trying and it turned against me. When we were kids, she already had that thing of putting the blame on me.

As both our genitors were narcissists, and since they both came from dysfunctional families and conversations with our brother were nearly impossible, I could turn only to my sister. Mistake. Conversations were one-sided and she used the few things I confided to her against me, besides badmouthing, gaslighting, threats of physical violence, trantrums whenever things were not going her way.

We had a conflictual "relationship" and happened to fight. Literally. I've once been told by our "mother" that her and our "father" had had to give us foam swords exactly like those:

Can Christians be married to Mormon women?

Yes, but......at the religious level there is a fundamental incompatibility between LDS beliefs and the mainline Christian denominations which believe in only one God, accept the Trinity, the Incarnation, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus.LDS theology looks Christian at the outset, but some of their beliefs are highly unorthodox. We have the

Why are Muslim laws so pathetic?

The Muslim laws or the Shari laws dates back to over 1400 years ago when Islam as a religion came into being under the command of Muhammad. Just like any other religion/institution/establishment Islam too had it's own set of rules to follow which were cleverly crafted for a