What is the right amount of time to meditate daily?

I've trained under three different meditation techniques and all of the instructors gave me the same recommendation about meditation frequencyand I've shared it below.

Best Wishes

  1. Duration ... At least 20 minutes. Allow a few minutes on both sides of the meditation ,to get settled in and then also a few minutes to slowly bring yourself out of meditation.
  2. When to meditate during the day...if work is your biggest stressor, I would meditatate before you begin work and then at noon (if there's a place at work where you can find some privacy to meditate in.) If you need to balance the stress in your work life as well as private life then you can try either a morning or new meditation for work ...then do meditation immediately after completing your workday to optimize your time with family and friends at home

Is dating harder the older you get?

Yes. Dating is harder the older you get. I'm a man in my early 30's so first I will explain from that perspective and then flip it to the reverse. Both scenarios are assuming you want traditional things like marriage, children, buying a house, etc.For

What are the most basic life skills?

Thank you for the request, Aarti Shah.There are many, and it depends from people to people. But, few of the basic life skills that I believe is a must for everyone, irrespective of gender, are as follows:1. Driving a car or riding a bike. Learn it, no escape. This + traffic rules.Sure