What is the role of a teacher to intelligent students?

A challenger, mostly. The Teacher is the content expert, and the intelligent student catches the material easier than those in the "middle of the bell-shaped curve." So, the teacher is at a crossroads: leave the student to their own devices, or come up with differentiated instruction that will challenge the intellect.

Many teachers find intelligent students harder to teach than those at the other end of the spectrum... simply because the smarter ones challenge the curriculum, demand higher level analysis of the content, and want to engage their brainpans through debate and discussion.

While this discussion can be an intellectual feast for the smart kids and teachers... it has the tragic effect of potentially leaving the rest of the class behind, disintersted due to their inability to process at that level, and then the teacher has lost the class.

Teaching is a fine line between reaching all of the students, and just a few.

What are the best ways to make money as a teenager?

I've been fairly successful using some of the following methods, enough to be almost completely independent from my parents throughout high schoool.1) Take advantage of Alibaba. A lot of people fail to realize the power of Chinese manufacturers to produce products at a fraction of what you may pay for it in the US.

Can I use compass applications on Samsung Galaxy J7 even if the phone doesn't have a compass sensor?

No, you can't use it beacause compass applications need compass sensor(gyroscope) in the phone to properly work but as your phone is not having that it will be useless to install compass applications.

How to alter the page number in Microsoft Word

It isn't clear from your question what you want to alter about the page number, but here are some points to consider.Page numbers are the calculated result of a PAGE field code. You can see this by pressing Alt-F9 to toggle between the