What is the role of a teacher?

Teachers are the architect of student's life. Teacher's make their students learn that are life friendly and good for them. That instills confidence in them. They help them to be the best version of themselves throughout life. Teacher's update their students time to time. They themselves let their students know the importance and meaning of their life. They strengthen them perform better in life, make best choices for their life.

Being under the blessing of good teacher bring ultimate satisfaction and peace in the way of thinking, a student can live a happy and successful life, teacher's make their students mind innovative by the way they are. They don't mind telling the importance of student's life whether they loose or they win.They are the giver of fragnance to the student's soul, mind and heart. Not the kind that make them emotionally weak, not the kind that compromise on their intellect, not the kind that break them. Teacher's should be the role model and give right direction to life of their students. life of students by imparting the knowledge that made them learn and accept with respect. Teacher's may not be the perfect knower, neither parents. But teacher's must have something that made their student respect them, not momentarily.

Thank you for all teachers that made us stronger, those who are selflessly good for our life and we don't know. Teachers who demonstrate and set their own example. Thank you for all that made us stronger to face the challenges of life with ease. Those who give us thinking so that challenges are the opportunities to grow. Teachers have their own place in students life.

Acharya Vishnugupta (popularly known as Chanakya) has most aptly defined the role of a teacher.
Here are some excerpts form his definition:
1) A teacher is one who does not feel honored by personal glorification but by the glorification of the nation.
2) Nationalism binds a person, society and the nation to a common thread. The role of a teacher is to develop the feeling of nationalism and competence among his students for nation building.
3) The most powerful weapon of a teacher is shastra (knowledge) but if there are hurdles which occlude his path to nation building, then (s)he may resort to picking up sastra (weapon) too.
4) A rashtra (nation) is greater than the rajya (government). So if a teacher is hindered by the ruler then (s)he must not hesitate in sacrificing the ruler too.
Here's a video link to the 'Chanakya' tv show, where he explains the role of a teacher :

Role of a teacher are many
1. To impart knowledge but at the level of the student after gauging the students level..
2. To guide the student in realising his potential and choosing the right path for himself in life.
3. To teach students how to behave and conduct themselves by setting examples.
4. To build a life of optimism and positive outlook in life.
5.  To let the student know that preparation and hard work is enough. Marks will come if they do the first part well.

Dear friend,

The Real Teacher has a great responsibility to make himself unnecessary. It is the primary duty of the Teacher to make himself redundant.

You have helped someone only if he no longer needs your help.

But, if the Teacher has his own self-interest in mind, he will continue to ensure you return to him day after day. And you can continue to return to him only if he pleases you. That's one clear indication of the self-interest of the Teacher.

The Real ones were always myth-busters, iconoclast. They never pleased their audiences. That is why they got the treatment that they did – discarded, stoned, killed, crucified. They had no concern for the status-quo. They had no concern for what you like. They were not pleasant. They were not smiling. They didn't wanted to make you feel good. They were not bothered whether you returned to them or not. They did not make arrangements that a thousand people must come to me.

The Teacher's role is to show that a teacher is not needed. That is the rightful role of the Teacher.

The role of a teacher in shaping up lives is unparalleled. Sometimes a teacher is even compared with God. An effective teacher understands that teaching involves wearing multiple hats to ensure that all students receive a quality education.

The a teacher is mentor. One of the primary roles of the teacher is to look beyond the academic achievements of a student and strengthen up his character as a whole.

He or she should act as a guide, showing the right path to success, observing discipline, hardwork, integrity and compassion.

Conventionally speaking the role of a teacher includes planning, instructing, interacting with students and other professional duties.

In one of my previous answers I have extensively discussed about the qualities and duties of a good tutor. Hope you have a good read ! Till then Good Bye.

Teachers have many roles. Teachers plays vital roles in the classroom. The most common role of a teacher is to give or tech knowledge to their students. Teachers teach in many ways including lectures, small group activities and hands-on learning activities. Teachers have to set classrooms , build a warm environment, mentor and nurture students, become role models, and listen and look for students behavior change, they need to solve students problems. Teacher will be a role model of their students.

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