What is the rudest interaction you've had while on vacation?

First trip for my wife to the west coast, where we visited a half dozen cities.

At the Sheraton where we stayed, first morning as we left our room to get to the car, a white guy walking towards us down the hall, dropped his suitcase at my wife's feet, "Take this to my room."

We ignored him, and kept walking, didn't realize he was talking to the Mrs.

Later at a restaurant, while my wife stood at the cashiers station waiting to pay our tab, a white woman plunked down her check and credit card, "Here, run this through."

Mrs and I just stared at each other till it dawned on us, the woman was under the impression my wife worked there at the restaurant. Mrs placed our bill and cash behind the counter and we left.

The next morning at the very nice Sheraton restaurant, as my wife read the newspaper and ate breakfast, another white guy pushed the newspaper down, and stated, "Clean off that table, I want to sit there."

To which my wife answered, "Clean it off yourself yokel, I don't work here."

I was astonished at the rudeness and audacity of the caucasians, being one myself, towards my wife, a beautiful Hawaiian, Irish, Portuguese lady.

The assumption that she was there to scrape and bow for the buck because she was?? Mexican? Chinese? Japanese? WHAT? And being other than white she was to suck it up and kowtow?

Pissed me off but she never stopped traveling and ignored every and all racially biased opinions about who or what she was.

She was a true America in every sense of the word. Carried herself with dignity and pride and always said, "No matter what people think I am, I am proud to be such."

You can't buy class, she was born and raised that way, lucky me.

I have lived the life of a digital nomad for over a year and have hardly met anyone who have not been nice to me. People are automatically fascinated by the fact that I have spent my time on road an how have I managed to do it.

This was until I met an old couple on a train sharing a ride with me. After a small chat, they asked where do I live. I explained that I don't have an address but I am on move for a year now.

This was the point from where they started making assumption.

Assumption 1 - Your parents have a lot of money

For which I replied that I manage my expenses by writing and clicking pictures

Assumption 2 - These days everyone clicks pictures. There is no talent or work in it.

Here I was shocked and I tried to explain them that photographers earn respectable income and often work with great platforms like National Geographic and Lonely Planet.

Here they gave me a look of disapproval as if they wanted to say that those places are not meant for me.

After a while the uncle who was a retired Army officer uttered blo^^dy millennials, always finding cheap and easy ways of getting famous.

From here, I ignored them and slept off.

I was kind of shocked but then the destination where I was going was really beautiful so it compensated for that train ride.

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Wow, this is a tricky one as sometimes I have been the guilty one! Well for starters, I had someone try to cut to the front of a long line of people waiting to order food in the Eiffel Tower (I know very cliche tourist thing, but I was on my honeymoon). I told the guy to fuck off and get in line. He was French and seemed to think it was okay to ignore the queue. Seems to be more if a Paris thing, but I have seen it happen in other parts of France. I think if my French was better I could have asked him, "Do you know who I am? I am the guy telling you not to be a rude idiot and cut the queue." But c'est last vie (such is life).

My boyfriend sadly passed away while we were on vacation and I was walking with a newspaper in my hand about a week after the incident to see if there was a write up about it as I heard there would be, when an English tourist tried to snap it out of my hand to see the football results. I told him he can get his own paper that I just got it and explained what had happened, and the answer I got was "I'm glad he died as you're such a bitch, you deserve it." It's been 19 years since this happened and I am still angry with that idiot.

When I was staying at a hostel in Miami, I was lied to. There were screams at 3 am which were concerning. I went to the main desk to tell the hostel worker, and he said that the guest was taken care of. He stated that there was a fight due to the guest overstaying and not paying for the additional night.

What really happened was, there were a couple of prostitutes staying in the hostel and their pimp needed them. They were not answering the phone so the pimp started screaming to their window, waking everyone else.

It was rude that the worker lied to me.

A rude guest from Chicago going to Cancun, Mexico, she needed to go to the hospital at midnight but she started to scream to the doctors that she was going to get murdered in the way, it's like, well don't go or well ask for options but don't be rude towards a country despite of it's fame.

Did the peoples (Babylonians, Assyrians, Sumerians, etc.) of the Ancient Near East colour their wall reliefs?

Yes they did. They had amazing skill with bricks, of all things, and the colors in some walls were fired right in. Check out the Ishtar Gate, for example. Ishtar Gate - Wikipedia

What are the most visited countries?

The top ten countries by international tourist arrivals, at least in 2016, according to the World Tourist Organisation, were:France (82.6 million arrivals)USA (75.6 million)Spain (75.6 million)China (59.3 million)Italy (52.4 million)UK (35.8 million)Germany (35.6 million)Mexico (35 million)Thailand (32.6 million)Austria (28.1 million)The UAE, if anyone's interested, only received 14.2 million