What is the rudest thing your neighbors have done to you?

The rudest thing was done by my landlady. So here is the story.

After my journalism course, I got a job in a reputed news channel of Hyderabad, so I moved there. Earlier we four girls used to live in a big apartment. But after some time two girls got the job in some another place, so they left. As I have mentioned, it was a big house, so rent was also high, so we two decided to move to some cheaper home. My roommate was about to get married, so we decided to live separately.

I got a room near my place, it was on the first floor; actually, it was a part of the owner's house. They used to live in the front of the house, and this room was just at the back of their home but with separate entrance. It was only a room with no kitchen and bathroom was outside. There was a passage to reach the place.

Since the notice period of vacating my previous apartment was coming near and the owners were an old couple, whose children were settled abroad, I decided to take it.

As I told earlier, this was only a room with no kitchen, so I was skeptical about washing my utensils for that they gave me assurance that I could clean in the area they used for the cleaning of their utensils. At the entrance of the passage, there was a tap and area for washing clothes and utensils.

I came with my luggage, and then only my suffering started. The lady was a psycho and made my life pathetic. I used to work on shifts, so once I came from the office, she started following my each and every move. I used to open the windows of my room since it had a net. She always used to stand outside of the window and continuously peeped inside my room. One day when I came from the bathroom found her standing outside.

Whenever I went to wash my utensils, she used to come and shouted that I was making the area dirty. I tried to explain to her that during washing it happened which I would clean once I finished my work. But she was crazy. She started telling me to wash the utensils in the bathroom which was impossible. I was fed up with the lady.

Even she wanted me to hand over the key of my room whenever I went office. I never did it. One day I came from office and preparing tea, after hearing the knock I opened the door, and she was standing with the bunch of hair and started yelled on me that she found them in the passage.

I was wondering how the hair could reach from my head to the passage. Maybe during combing, some hair fell but in my room not in the passage.

She continued, "daily you come and make the passage dirty with your muddy sandals. You clean and mop the passage daily."

It was not tolerable for me, I lost my patience and said, "aunty, you have some mental issue better you visit some doctor.

After listening to this she completely lost her temper. I did not want to put myself in the altercation with an old lady and closed my door. I decided to vacant the house as soon as possible, and within a week I found a new home.

Luckily, I am yet to experience that - so far.

Will tell when I do.

Till then, let me feel happy that I need not go through one such in the days to come!

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