What is the science behind daydreaming and what does it mean?

There really is very little science and almost no meaning at all to daydreaming. It is merely of state of being distracted from the topic at hand and the thought process to be someplace other than where you are.

There are usually triggers involved. For example for people who live in the regions closer to the polar caps who experience long seasons of dreary weather, and then when, well for those closer to the Arctic regions Spring comes into full bloom, it is easy to get distracted by the lure of sunshine, trees blossoming, flowers in abundance, birds returning, butterflies, bees, etc.

Then for adolescents, they have their sexual awakening filling their heads with all sorts of notions.

Last of all, there is the simple boredom of the topic at hand, whilst some may consciously be doodling in the margins, they are semi consciously daydreaming. Please do not confuse semi conscious, which can have a few different meanings, with sub conscious, as they are not the same thing. Yet the sub conscious is usually the culprit that feeds the conscious daydreamer.

A daydream in truth is not a dream at all. No one is asleep and no one is in a state of Rapid Eye Movement (REM). Daydreaming is not part of a cycle to which normal dreaming is. When a person daydreams, they are in the driver's seat at all times allowing their conscious imagination to direct the ideal of thought patterns.

Almost everyone daydreams, it is not a phenomenon nor is it an anomaly, it is a perfectly normal human thought ability. The thing is, it is a form of escapism, and not a very good habit, and if one wishes to excel in life, one must learn to avoid daydreaming when there is a topic at hand that requires your undivided attention, even if it is boring.

I am a Psychiatrist who has been recognized among the hierarchy of my peers as being studious in observation. I often provide the incentive for the material for universities to explore, field test, lab test, and share this information among the Psychological international science community to examine and prove facts and NOT theory. I take no credit, because what and how I use my techniques in treatment, I wish to remain unique to me. It does not mean that I do not share each technique at different times to different institutes, I certainly do that, but it would take a genius or extreme luck to piece together the orders and rotations of treatments I use which are customizes pertaining to each clients needs. To be a good therapist, one must listen and then get clarification on what is said. People often say things out of rote, redundancy, and rhetoric assuming that it is a well known literate trend. Well, they use this as a defense mechanism because they want to slide past what is really the issue.

Now that I added that last paragraph, is because it is important to the how and why I understand the question about daydream in regard to boredom. When the task at hand is during studies both in and out of school, it impedes one from getting better grades and without better grades, they are destroying their future opportunities to higher and/or advanced education and thus the more devout and lucrative careers where one really makes a difference.

The end result? They continue their trend in referring to everything as being boring. Why? Because they built this wall around themselves to convince themselves that they are just fine just as they are. It is very easy to spot the lesser educated daydreamers who have done so out of boredom. They say things such as, "You don't know anything about me." Oops, that's a dead give away. Now they are quite prepared to invent anything or even physically challenge you which is even a sadder state of mind.

Then there is the real popular one, "You think you are better than me?" to which if I am being nice about it I would reply, "Of course I am not better than you, all I am is someone with a broader and more in depth education, a global life experience mostly concerning the study of my science of the human condition in the aspect of human behavior, and I have had a long career dealing with and resolving every human behavioral situation. They are not infinite as many people think, in fact they are quite finite with only 80 major situation and about 1100 total variations of those 80."

Also, there is the real sarcastic one that comes off, "You think you are soooo smart." to which I MUST reply, "No, I don't think that at all, I know it." Of course then I get immediately accused of being a pompous ass, egotistic, a narcissist, and an assortment of other negative verbal projectiles, which I fully expect, but never take exception to because it will happen every single time and I intentionally triggered their tirade. It is just further proof that they are more troubled with their own failures and lack of knowledge than they are of me for erasing the facade of the wall they put up and are determined to keep up.

NOTE: The last previous three paragraphs were done through studies, which I branched out to the internet and approached subjects in all sorts of venues, chatroom environments, social sites, and forums. I avoided dating sites, although those who are either cheapskates or have ulterior motives usually of a criminal nature even though they believe it to be petty and innocent which it is not, will invade social sites and attempt to try their luck at making them out as dating sites. There are two reasons behind this logic, it does not cost them anything. Second, the real date sites which cost high membership costs, take down pertinent and personnel information that they actually follow up in order to make sure that each member is legitimate. Now, I do admit there are some less that reputable date sites, but it is easy to determine by both the cost and the detail of information they require. Also, reputable dating sites do all of the work for you in narrowing down matches, all you have to do is go on the dates, and you can even have eyes on if you choose to bail.

Point being, is that if one puts them self out there, they usually are up to no good, which is commonly known as the Romance Scam. The plan is twofold, the first is to gain personal information which they can sell, and the other is to gain enough interest for you to send money and/or gifts, which of course they will sell for cash. They will run the gambit for as long as they feel it necessary. Such people who wish to clean out your wallet, purse or savings, is always most interested in what you daydream about. Why? Because when asked "What do you dream about most?" Humans have a natural tendencies to refer to their daydream ideals rather than what théy dream at night as most dreams from REM fade before you take your first bite of breakfast. We all reinvent our daydreams.


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