What is the science behind photogenic faces?

The science behind this is the golden ratio.

The Golden Ratio allows for a composition that is perfectly balanced  from a viewer's perspective, creating a picture that is most pleasing to the  human eye. We naturally prefer to look at an image that is balanced and  harmonized, and the Golden Ratio provides this.

The human face too is based on Phi and Golden Ratio proportions.

So when we see the picture of a person, if they have a well balanced golden ratio (our brain automatically detects it) we perceieve them to be beautiful / photogenic.

There is nothing like he or she has photogenic face
everyone do have a photogenic face ...
it all happends because of light and the shadows ..Both plays major role in defining your face. Suppose if there is shadow on your cheek it will show that your cheeks are not bubbly and are inside.
Every one has that atleast one pose of photogenic face. Which can be clicked by light effect and angle of camera. :)
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