What is the second most popular sport in the world as you think?



Cricket is popular in Australia, New Zealand, England, India, Pakistan, The West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. South Africa, Zimbabwe.

The sport is gaining popularity in Ireland, Scotland, Afghanistan, The Netherlands, Kenya, UAE.

There is a cricket world cup in One Day Internationals and in Twenty 20.

It is very popular in India where players are viewed as Demigods

India has the second highest population in the world, and cricket is BIG

Besides Football, Here's Why Cricket is the Most Popular Sport in the World

What are the best, cost-effective anti-aging techniques?

My parents are two people I know who have aged exceptionally well. I say this because:They look almost exactly the same today as they did 25 years ago (as evidenced by the 2 pictures below)They have no illnesses (like diabetes and hypertension) that require medication, despite both running

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How to improve my left arm strength for pull-ups

Left, right all strength can be improved.Read this-This is how you can do pull up successfully :This is very good question and a very common problem, I have seen guys with very good otherwise exercise capabilities sucks in pull up, whereas some skinny girl may come in front of you, get away with doing