What is the slowest code ever written?

Bogobogosort is an algorithm that was designed not to succeed before the heat death of the universe on any sizable list. It works by recursively calling itself with smaller and smaller copies of the beginning of the list to see if they are sorted. The base case is a single element, which is always sorted. For other cases, it compares the last element to the maximum element from the previous elements in the list. If the last element is greater or equal, it checks if the order of the copy matches the previous version, copies back if not, and returns. Otherwise, it reshuffles the current copy of the list and goes back to its recursive check

You can't really go slower than that. It is O(n!^(n-k))

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Are pushups on elevated dumbbell handles better than flat handed pushups due to greater range of motion?

This is my opinion based on studying muscle movement, perhaps some may not agree.Range of motion is often misunderstood. Your weakest FUNCTIONAL strength is when the muscles are at 90 degrees with each other. That is why when you do the ass

How to stop my stomach from grumbling

To answer the question you need to understand the reason for a rumbling stomach. The reason: Muscle contraction move the ingested food through the small intestine. These muscle contraction are always there and are indicative of a healthy digestive system. As

How to get slim legs? My legs got bigger after the month of everyday workouts and limiting calories/eating healthy. If I do the elliptical everyday, will they slim down or get bigger

That's genetics. You do not want to lose muscle. When you lose muscle, you become flabby and untoned looking. Is that what you want?Muscle is also metabolically active, meaning maintaining it keeps your metabolism higher, enabling you to stay leaner and fit looking as you grow older. Lose muscle and you will look more like flabby, jiggly grandma/grandpa