What is the smallest list of ingredients I can use to have a healthy balanced diet?

I heard that in Israel, most processed foods have 5 ingredients or less.

Try these 5

Apples (w/ cinnamon spice = good stuff)

Steamed Bismati rice w/ cumin seeds and brown cardamom, Bay leaves

Oatmeal (add berries and bananas)

Potatoes (baked, Wendy's!)

Chia seeds (add to any drink, adds fiber, protein and fat, reduces sweetness a bit, dillutes, causes gelatinous change in beverages). Chia seeds need to be soaked in their drink for at least 10–15 minutes before drinking (less time if the water is warm or hot).

Notice, it's a vegetarian (vegan) list so far. You can also share at least 2 or 3 of the items on this list with your dog.

For apples, you need to peel the skins first and remove the core and seeds of the apples, then you can feed them apple flesh (or apple sauce unsweetened). Unsweetened is important because sugar is toxic to dogs in large quantities, so you shouldn't feed them apples often. I add cinnamon to the apples, since I've found that's good for them, too.

You can also share the baked potatoes with your dog if and only if you first remove the skin and "eyes" of the potatoes, where the roots would have grown. These parts of the potato are difficult for the dog to digest. If you steam rice without any seeds or spices, you can also add that to your dog's diet, too. Turmeric is common to add to rice and this one spice in particular is healthy for dogs, too.

How many calories do I eat to gain muscle mass?

You will have to eat excess amount of calories to see any grow in your muscles.There is a minimum calorie requirement for your body to function normally. Your body gets less than this required amount then you loose weight, if more you gain. Your can't grow muscles if your

As a woman, what qualities must a man have in order to be "perfect"?

in my point of view, the most important thing is to be trustworthy, alwayshonest and truly caring, not dismissing the other person's feelings as if they had no right to feel themthese are two of the worst mistakes that a man can do with a woman, they make her feel not safe, not cared for, not loved,

How does a wife feel if her husband cheats on her with another man?

I can tell you exactly how I feel since this recently happened to me. After nearly 33 years of marriage, 2 sons, and 3 grandchildren, I found out that my husband, my best friend whom I trusted with all my being, was having sex with other men. I found out by looking