What is the strangest thing a professor/teacher ever said to you or in class?

It wasnt something that was said to me, but to my girlfriend.

In St.Francis there was a very open feeling pervading the school. The teachers were very progressive and actively wanted the students to participate and discourse with them on a personal level. There were brothers, that is to say Franciscan Monks, who would keep all secrets and being the religious aspect of the school embodied, would take all manner of issues and take them to heart doing anything they could to ameliorate any problems. Nontheless in very few instances there were old school prejudices that would crop up and were a stain on an otherwise perfect college.

The head of biology told my (very beautiful and strikingly intelligent) girlfriend Julie that she would never make it and she didnt have the mind to understand science. This teacher was a woman herself. The female head of Biology told my girlfriend that women weren't capable of studying Biology. I know, I was just as baffled as you are.

Now, I understand that the modern world has some particular expectations and people prefer that the external matches the internal and are wary if it doesn't. I guess she felt threatened that a pretty girl would be able to surpass her and that she would lose her self image as the only woman who overcame this prejudice. Yet, to impose this same backward thinking and harm other women's self esteem, enacting the same nonsense that was foisted upon you? Unforgivable, your destroying future girls dreams and as the head of biology your impact will extend as the position is kept for years. How could you do that? Yurusenai!!!


"Okay, so jazz is like a duck."

"A duck."

"Yeah, it's like a duck. When you're playing jazz, you just gotta think of a duck, how it's sitting on the water, and looks all calm and collected, and under the water- you ever seen a duck swimming? He's kicking and paddling like hell under there. That's what jazz is."

"I feel like we're upside-down ducks."

"Yeah. Yeah, you guys are ducks that are upside-down. Upside-down ducks. And you're drowning and having a real bad time, but it's okay, because we're all drowned ducks."

The duck metaphor is my favorite thing. Out of context, it makes zero sense. In context, it only makes a little bit more sense, and that's the beauty of it.

Out of class?

Same professor, but at a jazz night at the local bar; we just happened to both be there, and were talking about sleep deprivation and alcohol.

"Yeah, you know, I can usually tell when I haven't been getting enough sleep, because I start seeing unicorns. You ever see'em? Bright pink unicorns, just galloping around, minding their unicorn business. I named him Edgar."

"Hi Edgar-"

"Oh, unicorns don't talk Ryan, everyone knows that. Or well, he talks to me, and tells me I should probably go to bed. I think that's what I'm going to do. Me and Edgar are heading out, see you in class tomorrow."

He's a fun guy. He had his moments, but was otherwise a pretty cool person, and a hell of a trombone player. He gave up his jazz teaching position and ended up coming back to work in the IT department, which seems to be going pretty well for him. But I'm positive I haven't had a weirder conversation with any of my professors than the ones I have with him.

I was in Class 10th when this happened. Since it was the last school year, despite of being a very obedient and decent child ( I was one of the toppers), I wanted to break a few rules before I leave school.

All the students had gone down to play during a free period but a few girls including me and my friends decided to stay back in class (And Gossip).

I was hungry, so we started eating our tiffin, since there was no teacher in class. One by one, all our tiffin were over. My best friend at the time used to get delicious dishes in his tiffin. So we removed it from his bag and ate half of the toast sandwiches he got that day. (Since I was a good person, I decided to keep the other half for him so that he doesn't starve).

After returning from the ground, he somehow got to know that I finished his whole tiffin (whereas I hadn't) so he got really mad at me and I was upset coz my best friend was so angry only on me for eating food. (Turns out, some other notorious kids had finished his tiffin entirely) After the break, he complained to my class teacher that we ate his tiffin .The Teacher called only me despite all others involved and explained that she doesn't expect this from me. (I was the class monitor also) .Other girls are naughty and misbehaved but I am a good child.

She then said a line which I remember till date, which is so cheesy, I don't know whether I must take it positively or negatively... She said "The thorn falls on the leaf or the leaf falls on the thorn, the leaf will get hurt!"

P.S: We all got sandwich packs for him the next day and kept in his bag as an apology and as revenge, that You complained about your best friend to the teacher, now eat all these sandwiches!! :D

So I was one of those nerdy boys at school and I LOVED the English language because it was easy to learn for me. I didn't have a teacher but still managed to get an IELTS band score of 7.5 when I was 13. I am iranian and here, studying English until the seventh grade is not allowed. So when i reached the seventh grade, I happily went to our English class. Our teacher looked like a frog who had a pizza for lunch. That year was a hell for me. He always had a weird look when talking to me. I still don't know if was jealous or something else, but every time I made a small mistake, he called me a third world mind, he always told me that I can never learn English. Every time the class ended, he told me : remember that what you say is not important, improve your grammar you moron! I had faced serious self esteem problems. But I solved it with a private teacher. At the end of the year, he gave me 32 out of 100

He was fired out of that school two years later

The strangest thing ever said to me was by a teacher in high school. I had a 93% in the class, yet he told me that he was giving me a B+. I told him that according to his grading scale, a 93% was an A. He explained to me that while I may have worked hard to gain a 93%, he didn't feel that I knew enough to earn an A. I protested, so he actually embarrassed me in front of the whole class by explaining the situation and having the class vote on the grade that I should earn. Now that I am a teacher, I realize how unethical this was and would really like to have a few words with this ‘gentleman.' Of course, the class voted that I receive an A. I think that they put themselves in my shoes and didn't want things to go in the wrong direction if this teacher ever put them in a similar situation. I don't know why, but I never told my parents or school officials. Had I done so, I might have been able to make some positive change in this teacher. Unfortunately, more than 2 generations have had to suffer under this sub-par teacher.

My 6th grade teacher Mr. Blue asked me to remain after class one day. Once the classroom was empty, he closed the door, he then came over to my desk and said "Can I talk to you, off the record"? I replied that yes, he could, go ahead. Then he said "You are the most miserable shit I have ever known, everyone, especially me, hates your fucking guts". All very calm, quiet and matter of fact. I didn't care, I have never had self esteem issues, although the whole exchange was baffling to me, I just said "Is that all"? Mr. Blue nodded, and I walked out the door.

I never told anyone, never reported him. It just happened and I never said a word about it until right now. To my understanding, that was what "off the record" meant. Weird, huh?

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