What is the surgeon's personality like?

That is like asking what is the personality of everyone? Better question is what is the average personality of surgeon's you know. And I would answer the same way. I knew one surgeon who was so people shy that he'd look at his feet when he talked to anyone. He wasn't arrogant just painfully shy. And you would want him to do your surgery. He was absolutely the best heart surgeon. Then there was the surgeon other MD's hide from when he came into the unit. I am not kidding. A patient's cardiologist asked me to get Dr A on the phone. I said he is down the hall. He just looked at me like I can't. Dr A screamed at him on the phone not knowing he was just down the hall.

How to become strong without gaining muscle to bulk you down

General guideline is... for muscle building... Choose a lighter weight that you can lift for 8-12 reps. For strength building choose a heavier weight that you can not lift for more than 5 times.But... I don't think that you are completely aware of what you want. If you see some steroid users and think that... By

Do vocal chords atrophy?

They can. Atrophy can occur from the ageing process, very rapid with loss from illness, nerve-supply damage (vocal cord paresis or paralysis) or from lack of use. Here is a news story to illustrate the latter:

I don't feel any love for my husband. Despite my efforts to reciprocate his love, I just fail to maintain it. Should I quit or keep living with him?

Find out the reason why u dont love him any more. Are u bored with him or intrested in someone . But don't take hasty decisions, ruining ur life. Ive seen many people regretting their decision post divorce, leading an unhappy and regretful life. Just change ur mentality, love the posative