What is the way to happiness?

Research Reveals The Secret to Happiness.

Happiness Is Mindfulness. Here's The Proof....

New research is shedding light on the pursuit of happiness-and most of us have been looking in all the wrong places. It turns out, happiness is not found in external things at all, but is a power we hold within our minds.

In this fantastic TED video Matt Killingsworth reveals the results of his latest research. Take a look...

Why is my soon to be ex narcissist wife dragging out our divorce?

Do you have someone new and she doesn't?Some drag out the divorce as long as possible to punish the other person and keep them from moving on.In some countries they can drag it out for years, hoping that the new person you are with will dump you.Or - she could be delusional and believe that if she

What percentage of marriage (in the USA) ends in divorce?

The percentage of marriages in the USA that end in divorce is a little bit of a tricky question, and one the media often skews.  You hear about nearly half the marriages failing in the USA, that's partially true.The truth is the statistics are actually much worse...if you're under

Is high carbohydrate diet the healthiest diet?

Too much carbohydrates and oils in our diet, while we do less and less physical exercise, is the root cause of the obesity epidemic, so all food is OK as long as one eat modest portions and not grow overweight/obese.Our body is very well adapted to burning carbs,