What is the way to make life happy?

Do not have EXPECTATIONS - Its very difficult! But thats the "Key".


If something happens as per your wish that's a BONUS! If it doesn't... Well! God has planned something better than what i wished for.

Keep things SIMPLE! Do not complicate them especially your relationships

Work hard, spend time with yourself so that you understand yourself better and know how exactly to deal with yourself - (Most difficult one to convince is my own self At least for me!)

Your heart is like a Monkey (As some buddhist said) so train it and tame it

Do not compete with others or compare yourself with others

Never take social media seriously Ex: Stalking on facebook , believing all those amazingly happy pictures posted by someone who bothers/matters to you.

Forgive but never forget!

Things which you know don't belong to you don't really thrive for them.

Don't be an emotional person for everything in life, try be a little Pragmatic

Keep yourself fit, eat healthy! Sometimes your over reactions or wrong decisions are made by your harmones

Be fit.. Health is everything

When you want to or feel to do something and you can do it, then do not delay! Go for it.

Ex: Maybe a weird hair cut or investment on a guitar or sports or a vacation or even expressing your feelings to someone. Because if the time passes by YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET IT, and thats very painful.

NEVER REGRET your decisions whether they turned out to be right or wrong. In the hindsight you always feel you shouldn't have done it or should have done it.

Save some money for your dream, have a goal/motto


Thats all Folks!!


  • Embrace your passion: I personally feel that one should not throw away his/her dreams at any cost and settle for anything less than that. You need to figure out the purpose of your life, where your heart lies and eventually work on it. It may not happen as quickly or as perfectly as one would like to but this can only bring happiness and self-satisfaction in the long run. The most important is to give yourself some time and make sure you make more progress today than yesterday. It is surely not going to be a cake walk for you, so make sure to delete the existence of "Giving up" from your dictionary.
  • Express gratitude: All you need to is stop, look around and you will realize there is a huge list of things for which you can actually be grateful. Notice even the minute acts of kindness and appreciate the presence of people who have always been there for us, which is normally taken for granted. Develop a lifestyle/perception where less is more and just enough is plenty. Eventually you will realize, actual happiness often curls up most perfectly within the space between having and having not.
  • Acceptance: You need to accept the very fact that the world is not always rainbows and sunshine, even though that is what is depicted in every facet of lives. Sometimes u have to simply shut up and accept things the way they are. It is easy to sweep the bad things under the rug, at the same time you need real courage to accept your faults and stand with the situations that you cannot change immediately. Life may seem to be unfair but in broader sense it is not, sooner you accept better it is.
  • Self-nurturing: Get away from the hustle-bustle of everyday routine and invest a small share of your time in doing something you love to. It can be done by taking up any random stuff, whether it's singing, painting or playing keyboards. You don't need to be perfect at it but eventually you will get better. It will help you to gain a sense of excitement and productiveness.
  • Providing a pair of HELPING hand: Helping somebody to get across the embankment is surely timeless, it will satisfy you more than anything else in this materialistic world. At individual level one can make a small attempt in making a difference in society, may be by offering your seat, providing free education or picking up the pieces of trash which you have spotted. It can do wonders for you and will also make this world a happy and better place to live.
  • Life style: Start IMPLEMENTING (without procrastinating) a proper life style which includes proper sleeping hours, eating healthy, exercising or doing yoga, not wasting much time on social networking sites and so on. At the same time, you don't need to be too harsh on yourself.
  • Avoid opinionated and negative people: Ample of times, we come across people who try to demoralize or makes us feel inferior. All you need to is be confident about yourself and remind yourself that the world needs more of  YOU. High time now, so STOP over analyzing about what others have to say (char log kya kahenge?). This particular video speaks volumes.   

1. Help your mom

Here is a checklist on simple reminders to improve your happiness each day. It certainly has been a big help to me by reading it before starting each day:


Sharing is always caring. You can't do enough sharing.

Show kindness

Show some kindness without expecting anything in return. If they ask what they can do for you, tell them to pay it forward.


Smiles matter. And they are so simple to execute.

Take long walks

Focus on the feel of the wind, sunshine or even rain ...sights and sounds.


There are many strangers just waiting to make new friends. How many friends can you make today?

Meditate on inspirational quotes

Always keep a list handy.

Create some alone time

Sit in nature-under a tree, on a mountain-and let yourself simply be quiet.


Be nothing less than remarkable. It just takes a little more effort.

Share some fun with someone you love

Forget about everything that feels like a problem and do something that seems like fun. Have fun spontaneously.

More valuable thoughts: Positive Thinking Ideas ... Ones from Peers and Mentors


Play is always the centerpiece of work. Be happy and enjoy things you do.


Eliminate fears or doubts. Mistakes and failures are ok.

Photograph or picture beautiful things

Things that make you feel happy, like a tree with colorful autumn leaves. Have the file of these pictures always running on the computer.

Actively enjoy good things now

Be about the present instead of scheming to create a better future.

Volunteer your time

Volunteer your time to help a charity you believe in. Put all your energy into helping others, and you will find happiness without looking.

Serve someone else

Just because ... just for them. That might mean helping them pursue their passion, or motivating them to reach their fitness goals. Whatever gives your life meaning, give it to someone freely.

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It's Monday. You wake up to two kids refusing to get up. Once they do, you spend the next 23 minutes telling them to "Stop screwing around," or "stop fighting." You get down stairs and move quickly to make the coffee, then head to the fridge to start making their lunch. Damn it, you only have 10 minutes left. You should have done it last night, but you were so exhausted and you had to help with homework, make dinner, clean up and try to find a minute to breath.

You finally get out of the door, yelling "LET'S GO, WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!" You have now alerted the neighbors you're a psycho again. With keys in your hand and a shameful wave like nothing happened, you pull out of the drive, but can't go because a school bus is picking up the kids across the street.

You are now praying you're not going to have to be the shit head parent that day sneaking in for a legal, but unpopular left turn which holds up traffic a bit, but will ensure they will be in before the bell. Yep, you are that guy, and angry moms and dad's are yelling "Wrong way asshole" before you yell again "Hurry up guys" to your kids like a mob is about to come for you, and then spit out "I love you" as they scurry in the building.

You leave for work. Shit traffic, horrible raining, honking horns. You can't wait to see what the hell all the fuss is about, and what kind of asshole is holding up everyone, conveniently forgetting you were just that asshole a few minutes back. There is a wreck, three cars with people arguing on the side, and police are on the scene. You head into work late, with that feeling in your stomach of hoping no one notices or says a word. You are already saying how you can't wait for this bullshit to end. God make it end!

You begin to head home and await the same car ride, but backwards, except this time at least you get to go home. You feel relieved when you walk in the door, but know there is more to do. For God's sake, what do you do first?

You say, "Thank You."

For all the things you have that other's do not.

  1. You woke up today. That is pretty great in itself. It's always great to find yourself breathing.
  2. You had food in your fridge.
  3. You got your kids to school safely.
  4. You were able to say "I love you" to your children."
  5. You have a job to go to.
  6. You were not in a car wreck on the side of the highway in the pouring rain.
  7. You made it home you call yours.
  8. You kiss your children hello.
  9. Your kids have you to take care of them.
  10. You can wake up to your family tomorrow.

Gratitude = positive attitude.

Your children, your dog, your soul will feel it each moment you acknowledge it.

Why do people go blind in love?

Well said that love is a great feeling. And at some point our brain can't make any right decision this is at people tells that we are blind. Not because we are in love but we don't make choice which is right from their eyes.I think love just did this to us.

What facts about Pakistan do foreigners not believe until they visit Pakistan?

I was hosting two indian families in pakistan as a favor to a family friend. It was in 2012.On their first day I took half day off from work and drove them to the shopping mall which fell during the school recess time. Since the shopping mall was near a clients office I