What is the weirdest thing in space?

The latest and greatest discovery is that apart from some really cool science fiction books and movies, it doesn't even exist! Doesn't get much more freaky than that.

The more we look, the more local the stars appear to be. It was written long ago, that in the "end-times", the stars, sun and moon, would "fall from the sky". It seemed to be a kind of cryptic reference or metaphor, perhaps the heralding of some great disaster.

But lately, I've been thinking it's something incredibly amazing, that Stars are Souls, the great ancestors of the past, that the sun and moon are great deities, or angels, and that the "falling" reference is a mis-translation, that they are in fact returning in physical form, or rather, our vibrational frequency is rising to such a degree, that they will appear to us, and we can commune with them like old friends, and it will be the end of tyranny day, and the beginning of the new Golden Age.

I mean, have you been outside and seen the stars just lately? They are not millions and billions of miles away, their light manifests instantly, and they seem to be reaching out to us, awaiting for our permission and request, and our guarantee of their safety and protection (I only mention this, as there are rumours that light-beings once dwelt here in the long-forgotten past, and that the very last of them was trapped and is held to this day within the arc of the covenant, a powerful free-energy device, and hidden away deep underground somewhere, perhaps even the vatican itself).

What's the most intense thing you've ever done?

I have done a awesome thing today.#60 Push-ups in 47 seconds!Its not a common thing that everyone can do.See this video and must check the description ....one challenge is in description.

Which country is the most backward in East Africa?

Without specifying the parameters with which to ascertain / determine the level of backwardness, it's a bit difficult to rank the 8 countries that make up the Eastern Africa community.That being said, number 1 is undoubtedly this nation:

Which is the most expensive country in the world?

That's a very broad question.  As to the most expensive country I believe the United States is the most expensive country. It can cost thousands of dollars to have a politician sit down to talk to you and your friends. Millions to rent one and hundreds of millions to buy a single politician.