What is the weirdest thing you collect?

Me and my younger brother used to collect tickets. Though most of them are BMTC bus tickets we used to collect all types of tickets. Not even a single ticket we used to throw away. The collection has all kinds of tickets from 50 paise BMTC ticket to the entry tickets for Cubbon park to the boarding passes of all the flights I had so far. Yes there was a time, not so long ago, when there was a 50 paise ticket in BMTC. And travelling by train was a very rare event. So having a train ticket in our collection was a luxury for us. I remember once we had been to Mysore in 2002 and in those days the train tickets were printed on a thick paper kind of material something like this.

I have, over the years, collected many different thing

  1. I use to collect rocks and gems, started in boy scouts, don't know what happened to them
  2. I used to collect matchbook. They all disappeared when I started to smoke weed
  3. I use to collect stamps, but stopped. I still have many stamps
  4. I use to collect coins, but I got too poor at one time, and spent them all
  5. I collect newspapers with headline of the latest news. The first one I collected was on the day President Kennedy was shot. I have about 100 papers and I have no idea what I am going to do with them, they may be my children's problem. I saved the whole newspaper on the day each of my children was born and gave them to the children a few years ago
  6. I collect music and have over 30,000 files. I still have the CDs came on. Before that I collected LP records. At one time I have over 1500 LPs. I managed record stores and would get free LPs for the sales people for the different labels. I was also a music reviewer for a major newspaper and would get 4 or 5 LPs each week, but only had to review one.
  7. I am a photographer and save almost all pictures I have taken. I have over 50,000 photo files.
  8. I collect bank notes. I travel a lot and try to keep the small denomination of each currency. They are not worth much, but bring back many memories. I do have notes for many countries before they converted to Euros
  9. Most of all, I collect memories. I have a treasury of outstanding memories.

I've got a rubber mullet!

I collect:
Cheerleading tee shirts. I have been in the cheer world for 30 years and I have always accumulated a ton of cheeleading tee shirt polos or sweats... When I was in my 3rd year of cheering I traveled the country teaching camps and one long trip from Illinois to Rhode Island I stopped home and left all my gear in the car.. my luck the car was stolen!!! I lost all of my original cheer gear and stuff so when I went back to my camps I told all the teams about what happened and they all donated a tee shirt to me from their programs! From that day forward anytime I work with a team or judge a competition or tryout.. I request a shirt! So if anyone has a way to get me more cheer shirts, please let me know.. it doesn't matter grammar school high school collegiate.. as long as it is an XL has the team and the word cheerleader or cheerleading or cheer.. I want it hehe

Watches.. I have about 105 (inexpensive and fun) I have always loved watches.. for me its not the cost of it.. Some of my favorites are only 20 bucks or 40 bucks! But I dont get rid.. I keep them and my profession now I do minor to mid range repairs on watches so it fits.. I go to good will and look for old time pieces and try to make them work also!

I love pens I know weird just regular pen (fine point please) I love pens.

Miniature dogs and cats... Habit from my mom!

Mementos from all my travels

Sand from all the beaches I have ever been to.

Match box cars... not so much anymore but when I was younger.. WATCH OUT! I still have them too!

Comic books again when I was younger...

Ties.. I know weird..

My wife would say Shoes button downs etc.. hahah

The key cards to hotel room doors that ive stayed in! I have a stack about 7 inches thick!

Underwear! Socks !!! I love new underwear and cool socks!

I know that I have more stuff randomly but thats it for now:)

My collections are not unusual or unique. Anyone who collects collectibles are part of a big group.

I collect Russian nesting dolls - Matryoshka. I have dolls from Russian and China and purchased in various parts of Europe. I even have one bought on a cruise ship in Alaska - it's not particularly Alaskan though. I get them from street markets, second hand shops and online. I have 38 dolls.

I collect books that I like, especially if it is a series. And I have a collection of children's books.

I collect lots of things to recycle especially nice pieces of paper and cardboard. I use cut and torn up paper to make pictures and illustrations. I can't resist keeping nice cardboard boxes, especially if they are plain and have a lid. I then cover them with pictures and lacquer to make storage boxes. I just love doing it and now have a collection of decorated storage boxes.

And I have a collection of three different style Zebras - Artesania Rinconada.

I also hoard (the word my children use) fabrics. I love fabric, the colours and textures. I sew a lot but most of my fabrics will never be more than a fat quarter or half metre.

Well I collect empty ball point pen tubes..

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