What is the weirdest thing you have consumed?

When I was 9 years old, my family took a trip to China to adopt a little girl (as well as to sightsee of course). While there, our tour guide decided to take us to a local restaurant on the outskirts of the Hubei province, that other tourists typically would never get to see. The meal was quite impressive, but I, being a picky 9 year old didn't want many of the dishes served because they had some odd things like black tree fungus, peking duck (made improperly, according to another tour guide we had later on the trip in a different area), etc.

It looked like I was going to have to pretend I was still full from my last meal so that I wouldn't seem rude by picking the parts I didn't like out of the food that was served. (All food was served in large portions, on a big lazy Susan, not served as individual meals).

But as my hope of eating this meal was all but gone, our host brought out a humoungous bowl with a towering mound of vanilla ice cream covered in rainbow sprinkles. Now I was excited

As soon as it was placed on the lazy susan, I rotated it around to bring the bowl within scooping distance. After heaping 3 large scoops onto my plate, I took a big spoonful and tried my best to get it more in my mouth than on my face.

But quickly I realized that something was off...

The flavor was different than I had expected, but a lot of ice creams in China are made with powdered milk, and as a result, tasted different. So at first I dismissed the strange flavor as that.

But even so, something was still off. This texture in my mouth wasn't like ice cream. It was more like....

Mashed potatoes.

That massive mound wasn't ice cream at all, but was a mountain of cold mashed potatoes, covered in plain yogurt, and rainbow sprinkles.

Looking back, I almost wonder if the concept of mashed potatoes was foreign to them. This restaurant was a ridiculous distance from any KFC (which there were a LOT of in China), so it's possible that they had seen mashed potatoes before but had not eaten them, and did not know how they are typically served.

Peanut Shells.

Pine Sol.

Fun story:

I had just scrubbed my apartment I was moving out of head to toe, toothbrush on the floorboards style. I had a huge thing of Gatorade I had bought because when I clean, I'm all bidness.

I burn a lot of calories. B)

Anyway, I left it on the table and since it was the only furniture I had left in the mostly empty apartment, I also left the exact same percentage of liquid as the Gatorade bottle of Pinesol nearby.

Then I woke up in the middle of the night, dehydrated as hell, stood up to get my Gatorade in the dark and the rest is history.

My mouth tasted like a pine forest hellscape for days.

Um, Hippo, probably.

When my daughter was 13 I took her off to Kenya for a two week holiday. Just the two of us. While we were out on Safari one of the lodges gave us the chance to try unusual meats. We tried crocodile, antelope, zebra and hippo. They were all nice except for the hippo.

Seriously, if anyone ever offers you hippo, turn it down. Tastes absolutely awful!

  • Octopus.
  • Sea urchin.
  • Caterpillar.
  • Spider.
  • Alligator.
  • Bat.
  • Flamingo.
  • Paper.
  • Brick.
  • Wood.
  • Deep-fried pickled beef jerky.

I'll try anything once.

Baby Powder.

As a young one, I was fascinated with the stuff but I knew it was wrong so i'd hide in the close it and eat it to my hearts content. Needless to say EVERY single time I was caught and I could never figure out why. It wasn't until much later on I realised it was because i'd put my hands covered in baby powder on my mum's clothes whilst in the closet.

How do planes know what direction it's going?

people talk about GPS and computers but as to direction, planes are equipped with compass. That is the primary reference for direction just like on ships hundreds of years ago. Electronics can fail. GPS can lose reception. The Compass is a simple old fashioned magnetic device.

What is the way to organize a very stuffed/messy room with little storage or space?

I recommend employing the KonMari method, to get started. This involves cleaning and deliberating on whether your items are truly needed.If you are limited on space, getting a temporary storage unit will be helpful for making space to start with! Having limited room space can

How much money do I need to live in Thailand?

Your life expectations, the rent of the apartment you live, the district you want to live, the social activities you want to do etc.The most significant cost about Bangkok is the rents. Once you have that accounted for most other things are pretty decent value.If you can spend only HALF of your