What is the world's record for the longest fart?

Warning gross facts ahead.

The longest recorded fart was achieved by a man. His name is Bernard Clemmens from London and he achieved a whopping 2 minute and 48 second continuous fart.

However, another fact is the longest poo was 7.92 metres (26 feet) long and guess what it came from a woman as well.

The brave folk of Britain have produced explorers, geniuses, mighty men of industry and many sporting heroes(joke) but one man stands head and shoulders above the pack, he is known as Mister Methane!

This time, he is British : Mister Methane (who remains anonymous by wearing a mask, which may prove that he still has some dignity) is an expert in the art of controlled flatulence (as indicates his site, he's a "Performing Flatulist." professional P├ętomane whatever.). Are we saying "expert"? You have to see it to believe : this man is capable of ejecting his winds with sufficient force to blow out the candles on a birthday cake. He can just as easily use a blowgun by placing it in his ***, to knock out a balloon with the strength and breath of his superpower. Finally, he is also capable of using his miasma as sound instruments, and sing tunes such as a watered-down version of the famous Blue Danube by Strauss (who may have been scandalized, though, by such a sassy cover).

Check out this site for a video of this freakishly fabulous farter in his magnificent Mister Methane man super dooper might pooper his pants suit. He is a new hero of mine, Quora gave me this tremendous specimen of a human being to love and cherish from this day on. Thank you Quora, thank you world, thank you Marc Eichler who asked me to answer this magnificent question!


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