What is the worst dimension in the Marvel Universe?

Hands-down, the so-called ‘Zombie-verse'!! Marvel totally jumped the shark when they drank the kool-aid and caved to the worst media concept of the 2000's by creating this alternate Earth!! I stopped being a regular reader when they decided to add to the glut of zombies in every media. Don't get me wrong,I still read the occassional great story that catches my interest, such as the origin of Marvel's "American Kaiju"! As far as I'm concerned, as of the Summer of 2013, zombies are not just stupid, they're DEAD.......because the KAIJUS HAVE RETURNED!! This was only reinforced in 2014 with the return of the King of all kaiju GODZILLA HIMSELF!!!!

End of rant.

I would say earth 11080, which is the earth featured in "Punisher vs The Marvel Universe." A chemical weapon is released into the water supply of New York and former superheroes begin reverting back to tribal ways, and also they're cannibals. The heroes end up eating almost all humans and start fighting eachother. It's a pretty grim world. The marvel zombies universe comes in a close second.

Where do you buy books for schools?

I used Shop for Books, Art & Collectibles when I was in school. I also used the same website to sell them when I was done with them and it was pretty easy.

How does Netflix prevent users from downloading streamed video content?

DRM(Digital Rights Management) is the innovation that is utilized to shield the video stream from Netflix. DRM is extremely various and alludes to any arrangement of get to control advances utilized for assurance of information against replicating. Taking after that, I will peel off a large portion of the complexities and attempt to answer your question.

Why did we start believing in God, and whose god should we believe in now?

Man has an instinctual belief in gods. Mankind tends to travel in packs, with an instinct to choose a strong leader and follow him. Man is also capable of abstract thought, which means it is quite possible to choose a