What is the worst military site you've ever visited?

What was the worst military site I've ever visited?

Puys, France

On 19 August 1942, a raid consisting mostly of Canadian soldiers from the 2nd Division landed at Dieppe. The objectives were:

  • destroy German defense in Dieppe;
  • destroy the airfield in St. Aublin, about 1.5 miles outside Dieppe;
  • destroy the radar, power, rial and fuel facilities in Dieppe;
  • seize 40 of the invasion barges kept in the harbour;
  • remove documents from the headquarters located in Dieppe; and
  • capture prisoners and enemy equipment.

The raid, Operation Jubilee, was a disaster. Most (59%) of those involved were killed, captured or wounded. There were 921 killed, 657 wounded and 2013 captured.

Puys was defended by two platoons of 3/571st Regiment of the 302nd Division. This division was under strength on this day.

The beach at Puys was designated Blue Beach. It is a narrow beach (see below).

The first wave of the Royal Regiment of Canada (RRC) started landing at 5:06 am, about 16 minutes late with the second wave following at 5:30 am. The defenders were fully alerted and ready when the RRC landed.

They suffered 50% casualties in the first five minutes and about 91% casualties within 45 minutes. Only 48 personnel made it back to the UK.

Here is picture of the beach afterwards.

I guess that would depend on where, when, and what branch of service. The first 2 cases below I was a Marine. The last one I was in the Army.

Hue, Vietnam, in the fight for the Citadel. It was a Marine battle and most of us had no experience fighting door to door (like we do now). I was behind tank fenders (to protect us). Everything seem to be in shambles. The dead and dying were all over the place. The heat and dust were just miserable. It wasn't some place to write home about.

For the USMC in the US, the worst base has got to be Camp Lejeune, NC. The water was bad. The mosquitos were as big as blow flies and will carry you away if you let them. The whole place is a swamp. It smells like a wrestler's armpit. Just a nasty place to be.

For the Army in the US, the worst fort has got to be Fort Lewis, WA. It rains 360 days out of the year. It had (1980) the highest suicide rate in the Army. I think because the rain brought on depression. There were also very large mosquitos. I have had a lot of guys tell me that Ft. Polk is the Army's armpit, but I've never been there.

Remember, these are just my experiences. Ask me tomorrow and I might name a different set of 3.

Actually it was a museum.

In Vientiane Laos they have the "Hidden War" museum with plenty of displays of the French then the US invasion of Laos. As a Vietnam vet who knew very little about the atrocities and massive bombing campaigns we committed in Laos, it was hard to see.

Laos is the most bombed country in the world with our old unexplored bombs still killing and maiming children and farmers who accidentally hit them with shovels or plows.

I was stunned for a week and just had to lay back to let it sink in and adjust.

It's amazing the Lao people even allow us to visit but all I saw wassmiles, kindness and generosity in my four visits.

A2A. Worst military site I've ever just visited was what was left after the first few days of the Tet Offensive in Qui Nohn, Vietnam, where I was stationed. Extensive, smoking ruins of buildings, wreckage of military equipment, crying civilians trying to cope, and some VC bodies hanging from a tree. Even that was a pale shade of what actual combat soldiers went through.

Don't think any of them were really that bad. We always had everything we needed, even if accommodation was a little primitive at times.

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