What is the worst part of driving?


Two things.

The first is not being able to control/predict other drivers. Like are you seriously going to enter my lane without looking and force me off the road? Are you seriously going 130kph in a 60zone and it's pouring with rain? Seriously are you going to look up from your phone and realise you're about to run into me because the light has changed to red? I could go on but to sum it up GAH!

Second thing. Driving a manual in the city. What a stupid decision it was on my part to not get an automatic car. All that stop/ starting, hill starts etc., and not to mention traffic jams which are seriously the bane of my driving existence.

*If my cd player ever broke that would be the worst part of driving because I love driving and rocking out to my music :D

I think the hurry up and wait syndrome is the worst! I don't get sucked into that frame of mind much anymore, but it does happen. You are running late, and butterflies are ripping your stomach apart-anxiety used to be described as butterflies in your stomach.

The opening segment of the movie Office Space shows it perfectly. The lane you are in never moves. You see that the lane next to you is moving quite nicely, so you change lanes, and all of a sudden the new lane grinds to a halt, and the lane you used to be in starts moving.

Now that I am retired, I don't have to be anywhere in a hurry-well except my granddaughter's birthday. So, when headed toward LA or Hollywood -eh-I'll get there eventually. Thankfully, my granddaughter lives in the direction where traffic never slows to a stop.

Feeling drowsy when there isn't anywhere to pull in.

In the UK, you can't stop on the side of a motorway unless it's an emergency (falling asleep doesn't count), but there may be a very long stretch of road before the next rest area, and if your eyelids start to feel heavy then even fifteen minutes can seem like hours.

The worst part of driving is that you driving around in a quite efficient killing machine. In 2013 1.25 million people died in traffic related accidents.

My worst driving fear is not to get killed instantly by a truck, but to run over a kid. The thought haunts me even though I haven't been close to hit anyone.. yet. But the bare thought of easily kill someone by a simple accident frighten me.

My second worst fear is that I too often forget about the first one when I'm behind the wheel.

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