What is the worst restaurant in Albuquerque?

Albuquerque has a competitive dining scene. The market generally pushes out restaurants that fail to distinguish themselves on the merits. The exception to this rule is outright scamming-and with that in mind, my vote for worst restaurant in Albuquerque goes to...Perico's, 109 Yale Blvd SE, near UNM.

Perico's is a fairly ordinary taco kitchen that sells uninspired fare you could throw together at home for a quarter the price (but hey, students thrive on commercially-prepared takeout slop). The real problem at and around Perico's is the owner's curious, and enduring, relationship with a certain parking-lot attendant whose predatory and overzealous car booting finally prompted legal intervention from the city attorney's office. Stories abound of people getting booted here between placing their order and picking it up if they happen to set foot outside the "enforcement property" in the meantime. With its lightly-trafficked parking lot, furtive boot goon lurking in the shadows behind the building, and food of conspicuously lower value than that available elsewhere nearby, I've long suspected that Perico's is essentially an auto-impoundment racket with a front business selling tacos.

I can't relate a personal story of being booted here, but I have seen the thug extort money from drivers almost every time I've walked past the place. Best just to stay away!

Who make the best thin crust pizzas, Pizza Hut or Domino's Pizza?

The two are different outside the U.S. Having had pizza from both the American and Thai variations. My vote goes to Domino's. In Thailand It's more faithful to the American thin pizza. Pizza Hut on the other hand is absolutely terrible in

What's the best pizza place in Chicago?

I have no idea how to narrow the list down that far - Pizza in Chicago is a very big deal. Here's my research, and every place on these lists are good. Do your own research to find what is nearest you.6

What are simple and healthy eating habits?

Below you can read 5 healthy eating habits that can help you to live more healthy.Habits1. Eat food like a child and chew properlyWhy I am saying to eat like a child? Because you know that kids eat small bites of food. Small food bites