What is the worst thing that can happen to a person?


This may sound flipant, but all other concieviable fates require this one prerequisite. While it does not ensure that horrible things will happen to one, it transitions one (insofar as one can be considered to be in any state at all prior to existance) from a zero to a non-zero probablity of experiencing horrible things. I find that pretty dreadful.

I have thought to myself that the best this universe has to offer is not worth the worst. For ones life to be a net positive experience, one must avoid a large number of potential negitive experiences.

Nature doesn't help either. Natural selection is only driven by survival, not feeling good. However, feeling good exists as an effect to reinforce behaviour, so nature cannot do away with it entirely. However, she is very effecient in metering out only enough to support the end game of survival.

My son was born just over a month ago. Being planned, the one thing I restled with around the time of his conception was that I was going to do the worst thing possible by bestowing existence on him. Prior to existance he would not be subjected to anything good or bad, but he would not desire any good experience either, so there is nothing bad about not experiencing anything good. Sounds like a good deal to me... until my wife and I decided to change all that.

In that way, could we then be considered the worst thing to have happened to him?... oh but he is such a sweetie....

Losing a staggering sense of awe for the world they woke up in and it's natural wonders the minute the mechanistic side of what is happening is uncovered, as though measurement and observation is actually understanding.

The worst things that can happen to a person.

  1. Poverty.

Let start with baseline level: your death.

So we have derived question: what can be worse for you then death?

It depends on person's religion, philosophy, values.

I give some examples:

Imagine you are in school and your class teacher asks you to introduce yourself. You see the class packed with students all heeding you as you are going to introduce yourself. Somehow you muster up some courage and start speaking. But you started fumbling and stammering while speaking since you are very nervous and frightened. Children laugh at you. They make fun of you. Later on, they even "do" you. You get emotional and start crying. That's when fear creeps in. Fear of speaking. You start creating a misconception about yourself. The more you try to avoid it, the more it bothers you. The moment you start speaking, you are in doubt that you won't be able to speak properly.

You talk to your parents about this but either they are too busy to listen to you or they take it casually and advise you to ignore it. So, now you don't know what to do. You don't dicuss this with anyone. You fear that they will make fun of you.

Few days later, you have a reading period. The teacher enters the classroom. She starts picking up students who will read today. Unfortunately, you were the forth and the last one to read in today's period. The initial three are done reading. And now its your turn. All heads turn towards you. As you stand up to read, that moment of introduction came flashing in front of your eyes. Your heart started palpitating. You wish you wouldn't be present today. But then something weird happens... The words in the book seems blur. That's when you rub your eyes. A tear drops from your eyes. But there was complete silence. The stillness of the class dawns on you and that's when you realize that you need to speak. Hastily, you start reading only to realize that you started fumbling again.

You curse yourself in your mind that you can't even read a sentence properly, that you amount to no good and that you are full of crap. Students, as usual, start giggling while the teacher stops them to do so. She sympathises with you but in vain.

You start living with this self doubt. You have accepted that you stammer while speaking and will always.

You try to avoid social events like parties and ceremonies. Even if you attend these events, you choose to sit in a corner not making any eye contact with anyone.

Fast Forward : Its your convocation and you are graduating today like everyone else in your batch. But there is a subtle different between you and the rest of the batch. What?? Everyone is happy today except you. Why?? Since you are a jobless graduate. You stammered away at all the interviews. You had killer points in most of the Group Discussions. But you couldn't speak up and ended up being a helpless spectator. You saw the less deserving peers getting placed. You started hating yourself even more. You feel disgusted. And now you are anxious about yourself. You desperately need someone to hold your hand lovingly. But more than that, you really need a job. Your parents' savings are nearly exhausted on your education. You can't even approach Psychologists and Speech Therapists since they are expensive and they don't even assure you when you wil be fine again. "Its not a physical illness but a psychological disorder and every patient takes its own time to recover", they say. "It may take a months or even years!" But you can't afford these therapies. You no longer have the will to live. You feel like you are stuck in a deep pit. You feel like you are in a dark tunnel with no hope of even a ray of light at the other end...

Depression. It's the only thing I know that consistently makes you desire to die. Even torture doesn't do that, unless it sends you into depression. In depression, you aid and abet your desire to die. You buy into it and do everything you can to sabotage yourself, all because you know beyond a doubt that you are the most worthless creature alive.

I am a teacher based on a very low salary in a private school. I don't have problems with my salary because my needs are so less.

I have bag full of student's stories from the school. I also teach science in class 6. There is a student named Abhishek. A well mannered, polite, decent, intelligent, sincere, active, overall a good and bright student. This month when we had unit test. Before the exams started i was handled a list with the name of few students who had not paid their fee and were not allowed to continue the exams. There were 6 students out of 44. I got shocked when i anannounced the the name, Abhishek. He had not paied his fee for last 1 year. So he was aslo not allowed to sit in the exams along with other 5 stutents. Maybe principal would have been irritated for not getting her money now, so she had found this way to get her money that was supposed to be stucked.

I was feeling sorry for him. My brain was running fast asking questions to myself. Class 6 had 2 monitors 1 girl monitor 1 boy monitor. They both asked me to say something and i permitted them. They came to me and start begging that please ma'am let Abhishek continue his exams. He was not always like this. Actually his brother had gone to study in some college so all the money goes there for his high fee, hostal fee, and other expences. They've nothing. Their financial condition has been so bad since 1 year. Please understand ma'am.

I was so much helpless that time, i went to principal office she totally denied to let Abhishek continue. I came back to the class like a looser. Monitors and Abhishek looked me with a sight of hope. But that was very difficult to told them that still Abhishek can't continue the exams. I felt so much shame and guilty for being a teacher and not unable to help one of my student.

What could be worst than this being a kid he is facing such bitterness. And nobody is seems to help him. Not him there are many Abhishek in my country who are going throughout such harsh reality. Most of them stop going schools and start working for the bread for their family.

I don't know what government talks about on the name of RIGHT TO EDUCATION. Where is right to education? Why universities private institutions charges high fee? Isn't private education system has been a business which is secured for gaining high level profit. Their fee is as high as a low class family earns in 2 years.

If we talk about government schools, no need to say anything, eveybody knows nobody teaches there. There is worst condition of government schools because of the teachers. They don't want to work. So why would parents prefer government schools?

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