What is/was your biggest fear while traveling abroad?

Honestly, my biggest fear would be rape and/or other versions of sexual harassment as I accept other forms of risk, but for some reason can't accept that. I understand that extreme sports puts me at risk for injury/death, but I cannot understand or tolerate entitlement to my person.

A way this can be avoided is to dress modestly and stay sober, but honestly - I have found that it doesn't always help. Men come on very strongly to me, especially from other cultures and no matter how polite or assertive I am, there are times where I am honestly scared of what may happen.

Here is an article that sheds light   ---> Women Alert to Travel's Darker Side
What would the world be like if paper never existed?

The American declaration of Independence could not have been written, and so America would still be British. Instead of Donald Trump being president, you would have ended up with someone like Boris Johnson (and I'm not sure if that's good or bad!)

How to escape from a Grizzly bear

Brings to mind the old joke about two men coming upon a grizzly bear, one takes off running, the other shouts