What is your Android best must have app?

I have downloaded this amazing app

Best HD Wallpapers App - Apps on Google Play

This app has amazing wallpapers

They update daily and are always upto the trend, this has become my favorite app

Here are some screenshots from the app -

What are some good basic vocal exercises?

I haven't taken any vocal classes or training but I am a singer and I sing, duh!The things I do on a daily basis for better singing are:I sing perhaps, everyday atleast once (i do not count though). The thing about this I enjoy singing and cannot go a day without

How to get started with muscle building

This is going to be a long answer so bear with me. Here I am assuming you are an absolute beginner. First things first, get a gym membership and a trainer, if possible.Workout: Start with full body workout for a month

How many calories do I burn while jogging?

While common belief is we burn 100 calories per mile, this is a rough estimate that varies from person to person depending on fitness level, metabolism, exertion, and general biology. Without going through extensive testing, I'd use 100 calories per mile as a general bench mark and realize this number will likely drop as your fitness improves.http://betterthanalive.com