What is your action in the first day of classroom when you are appointed as a teacher?

What is your action in the first day of classroom when you are appointed as a teacher?

Your first day in the classroom should be a week or two before the students arrive. You have to set up the classroom. Depending on the age range of the students you teach, this can involve a lot of decorating and labeling things (for the younger kids), or a more Spartan approach (for the high schoolers). I teach middle school (ages 11–14), so I don't label their desks with their names or decorate too much. Mostly I just make a poster of the classroom rules.

If you're talking about your first day as a teacher with students in the class, again, it depends on how old the students are. With the little kids, it's more about getting to know them and making sure they know the class rules.

With the students I teach, it's about making sure they know the rules and that you're the alpha dog in the class. I make it a point to try and give out at least one demerit (official punishment) on the first day of class with a new group of students. There's always at least one class clown who is used to having too much leeway in the lower grades. They get one warning in my class, then a demerit. It shocks them and the rest of the class into behaving for the next few weeks. Then I have to do it again. It usually takes about a month before they realize I'm not such a pushover as the other teachers.

A lot of new teachers don't realize the importance of setting an example in the first few days of school. It's much, much easier to achieve "alpha dog" status with teens the first time you're teaching them. If they get used to you being a pushover, and you try to assert dominance months into the school year, it's not going to work as well. They'll think you'll eventually fall back into your old ways.

No matter how good your curriculum is, you can't do anything without having some level of control in the class. That's the first priority.

Establish the rules of the class, what you are going to teach for the rest of the semester, what your students can expect to learn, how they will be assessed for the term, and what you expect of them.

For example, I like to welcome all of them into the class (if it is a new class), and then start by telling them what they can expect to learn this term, how they will be assessed for this term, and setting agreements (e.g. if 70% of the class gets an A for this term, I will throw in a pizza party for you on the last day of the class).

Usually, I will explain how I teach and what I will do for them (for new students), then have icebreaker games for the first 2 lessons.

For my ‘old' students, I will continue to explain what they will learn this term, and how they will be assessed, and how it links to the big picture. They like this.

Then I will play a game to test how much they retained from the last term, and reward people who did well.

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