What is your craziest culture shock in China?

It was really shocking to see what the Mao regime has done in China. The communists in China ruined ancient Buddhist temples, crashed thousands of statues of Buddha and destroyed many architectural and historical sites, which were, without any doubt, a heritage of the whole humanity. Unfortunately, very little has remained nowadays from the culture of Buddhism. I was really shocked to witness the mentality of the Communist party in China. They tried to create a new religion of communism which was supposed to replace the ancient philosophy of Buddhism. Once I entered into the local museum in a small city near Shanghai. I was astonished to discover that the museum had actually been a Buddhist temple in the past. The construction was kept in its original forms but all the Buddhist statues and decorations were destroyed. Where the big statue of the Buddha once used to stay, now there was a huge statue of a famous general of the Chinese army, a national hero, and, of course, one of the first communists in the country, whose name was very difficult to remember or even to pronounce. I visited this museum in November 2013. This is how in China Mao tried to divert people from religion - in giving them new communist heroes to adore. In one of the few Buddhist temples in Shanghai I was also able to speak with a Buddhist nun, who showed me with much pride one of the most ancient statues of Buddha in the country, made of jade. The story related to the statue was overwhelming. The communists came to this temple too and they destroyed all the other statues of Buddha. But the jade statue was firmly attached to a wall and in front of it the people were putting millions of scraps of papers, where they were writing their wishes. When the communists entered the temple, they took all the other statues of Buddha but this one they did not see because they thought that behind the papers there was only a wall. And this is how the jade statue of Buddha was preserved for the next generations.

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