What is your favorite book/movie/TV show?

Here is a list of TV Shows explained in one line:

  • Game of Thrones - Eat. Pray. Love. Fuck. Kill. Betray. Die.
  • Mad Men - Short for M(adison Avenue) Ad Men.
  • Dexter - A murderer who murders murderers.
  • Friends - Friends who don't let you do stupid things ALONE.
  • How to Get Away with Murder - Ditto. Helps if you know the law.
  • Supernatural - Scooby Doo rip-off but the ghosts are real.
  • Breaking Bad - Poverty and fear of death turns chemistry nerd into Drug Lord.
  • Better Call Saul - It's all good, man. Get it?
  • Black Mirror - Put your phone down and pick up a book.
  • How I Met Your Mother - A story of a father who tells his children about how many women he fucked before he realised their mother was the one... NOT.
  • Suits - Life at a law firm where one never loses a case.
  • The Big Bang Theory - Overpaid white nerds with way too much free time get domesticated, except for the Indian guy.
  • Prison Break - Shawshank Redemption, but with a bunch of other guys and how it goes horribly wrong.
  • Homeland - How a racist CIA fucks up in one country after another.
  • Mr. Robot - What Fight Club would have been if Brad Pitt had not died.
  • House of Cards - Revealing just how fucked up politicians are. Up close.
  • Hannibal - Psycho killer serves his victims to cops on a platter. Literally.
  • Orange Is the New Black - Coming of age story of a lady prisoner and several others.
  • Entourage - Three guys and a movie star smoke some weed and fuck some hoes.

Book: The Sea of Trolls trilogy. Words cannot describe how sad I was and am that these series do not have a fan base. I love this series more than anything, even Harry Potter (yes, I said it). I read them so many times, I lost count. If someone were to make a movie series out of them, it'd be amazing. It has adventure, great characters, and it's interesting enough to make you not want to put it down once you get into it, and there aren't many books that were able to do that for me

Movie: the Hobbit and LOTR series. I can't really set them apart because I love the world of middle earth and all of the characters and the atmosphere that they have, but if I had to choose a single favorite movie, it'd have to be The Desolation of Smaug. I know the LOTR series are better in different ways, but I guess since the hobbit is most recent and I already had my honeymoon phase of fangirling over LOTR when I was in elementary school, the hobbit just feels fresh and closer to me.

TV Show: Avatar the Last Airbender. I think this one is pretty self explanatory. It has awesome fight scenes with element bending that makes everyone want to be a bender of some sort, it's funny, full of heart, and intense. I watched it numerous times ever since I was little. Yea, I love How I Met Your Mother and Friends and The Office and Pretty Little Liars and Reign; I watched a variety of TV show genres. Nothing beats ATLA in my experience.

Favorite book: The Kite Runner. Never has a novel touched me like this one did. It is truly an encapsulating novel that had me hooked until the last page. Even after finishing, I wished that there was more!

Favorite Movie: Slumdog Millionaire. Not what you might expect as someone's favorite movie, but this is definitely it for me! I loved this movie. It had so much meaning to me. I really appreciated how it showed the life of poor children in underdeveloped countries and the terrible hardships that many of them face just to survive.

Favorite TV show: Little People Big World. Maybe its a Northwest United States thing!(They live in Portland) I love the Roloff family, and have been following them since the early seasons. I watch the show all the time... love it!

i have several tv shows as my fav. and even their category varies by a lot, for instance for

supernatural i would go with the originals, and the secret circle

teen and drama- one tree hill,the oc

comedy- how i met your mother, two and a half men, zeke and luther(disney), pair of kings(disney),the suite life series(disney)

romance-sorry not a big romance fan

adventure and fiiction- arrow,legend of the seeker(kind of like game of thrones),spartacus(R rated)

well that's all that i can think of rn

A poor high school chemistry teacher learns that he has terminal cancer, so he begins to make and sell methamphetamine, hoping to make enough money to help support his family after his death.

In an effort to keep him away from the gangs and violence that have crept into his West Philadelphia neighborhood, a teenaged boy is sent to live with wealthy relatives in an upscale California neighborhood.

A brilliant, but eccentric and sometimes insufferable doctor attempts to teach young doctors how to diagnose rare diseases using science, logical thinking, and unorthodox techniques.

Many years ago, an antihero was caught, tried and convicted but the common people looked up to him, worshiped him: the establishment could not afford a martyr of this magnitude, so they settled for taking him off the board; they gave him Nirvana; the people were appeased and the rulers went on as they had before Big Souled Sam had rebelled against their Perfection and all was as Heaven willed it once again, until Sam was pulled screaming from Unity so he could lead a rebellion straight into Heaven and destroy the gods fully and forever.

Yeah, that's one sentence. What of it?

"Lord Of Light", Roger Zelazny

Far in our future, a dying Earth sends space ships to various uninhabited worlds. The technology of Old Earth grants the original colonists longevity, power and dominion over their descendants and within a century or two, the vast majority of the new planet's inhabitants know nothing of their race's origins.

The descendants worship the elders, who've set themselves up as gods of dharma. Using technology far beyond the understandings of their children, these self styled gods grant new bodies to the faithful (reincarnation, to the locals) dependent on their piety and devotion to the pantheon of their progenitors.

One of the First becomes jaded, then restless, then rebellious. He becomes a god apart, unlike the others, judging their excesses and feeling pity for the masses. He makes war on Heaven; fights with valor and cunning but is overwhelmed.

That's the starting history. The rest is more or less hinted at in my first sentence... which may or may not have run on a bit.

How many nights does it take to count the stars?

We can assume you mean count the stars in our night sky that can be seen with the naked eye with that numbering at about 3000 per hemisphere. An immediate problem that will occur is that you can't see every star from a single hemisphere on a single night as some will

Why do so many people need and believe others need divine rewards and punishments to motivate them to behave morally?

I don't believe they actually need it.  When William Lane Craig says he doesn't know of any reason not to rape aside that his god tells him not to, I give him the benefit of the doubt: I assume he's lying.  Christians tell each other that

What is the UN good for?

When the Zeros fly, when the panzers roll, that is what the UN is good for.The UN was developed to be everything the League of Nations wasn't. Forceful, and quick to respond collectively to blatant aggression.So if Hitler invades Poland, if the Japanese militarists seize Manchuria, a quick