What is your favorite cooking tip?

Lately, the flavor uptrend has been all about Bacon, Bacon, Bacon! I like using small amounts of cured American-Style thick cut bacon with little or no smoked flavor as a seasoned oil-rich base for many culinary dishes. One thing about buying and keeping bacon in the fridge- once you open the package you are smart to cook the entire package or the uncooked remainder will go bad before next use; or even worse, may potentially leak juices out of its plastic packaging onto the shelves and other food items.

So I discovered a chef's secret to keeping bacon fresh and portionable!

Without guilt, worry or waste, select about 3 lbs of your favorite bacon. Set up a large cookie sheet with a layer of wax paper. To the side of it, lay out the bacon in a vertical stack and begin on one slice, rolling the bacon into a pinwheel like roll from the small end. Lay the rolls seam side down, next to and without touching together into several rows. Place the finished sheet level in your deep-freezer (preferably) and allow to thoroughly freeze for about 3 hours. Remove from freezer and lifting the wax paper to cup up and off the cookie sheet, easily pour the 3 lbs into a gallon size freezer storage bag, keep in the freezer and Viola! Anytime you need a slice or five of bacon for breakfast, just pull them out of the bag and allow to thaw for 15 minutes or so. When rendering bacon for recipes and even making bacon bits, you'll be able to easily chop or dice up the still frozen rolls much easier and more evenly than thawed slices or slabs.

And that is my best, favorite cooking tip!

My favourite sort of food is what I refer to as Jambalaya cuisine. For me that means that I add leftover cooked vegetables to whatever I am making at that time. It serves two purposes. It finishes up vegetables fast and I don't end up with multiple small containers of leftovers. And then it also adds extra punch of nutrition to my dish.

For instance, when whipping eggs for an omlette, throw in a few spoonfulls of any cooked greens- it just makes it a heartier breakfast.
When cooking rice, feel free to add boring cooked vegetables like gourds. They will mash up completely and flavour the rice.

I knead leftover curries and veggies into flour. So there I have flavoured chapattis that have also taken care of the leftovers.

You of course can jazz up food by adding interesting sauces. Keep a shelf of ready made condiments like sauces and various mustards. Addition of a splash of this and that makes all the difference.

Happy cooking.

Be organized. Insure you have ALL the ingredients and ALL the pots, pans, and special tools to create the product. Make a "battle plan" in order of movement and execute the plan. Cooking is fun....don't let yourself get flustered by lack of preparation.

Christmas and Thanksgiving meals have lots of moving parts but planning ahead and doing portions days ahead takes the pressure off you and you look good. Have a glass of good wine in hand while cooking.

Years ago I was with a friend I was visiting in Sausalito Calif and we were going to a friend of his for dinner. It was Julia Child's house and what a treat to cook a large meal with her and her sister. I was lucky for the experience.

Cook with Smile.

Recently in a cooking show I have heard from a old lady that, cooking with smile and with a positive thoughts makes food better.

Anyhow smile is free of cost! Better to try and implement this tip

I've always enjoyed cooking. I'm pretty good at it too, if I don't say so myself.

I once received a very valuable piece of cooking advice. I've taken it to heart and I always follow it.

Go get a pen so you can write this down. I'll wait. Okay! Ready?

Here ya go:

"Never fry bacon naked."


  1. Instead of chopping/crushing I grate garlic cloves to put in a sauté it gives off a great smell and infuses well with your meat, etx
  2. When making a salad I dice the tomatoes and cucumbers first and put salt on it.this helps to draw out its juices and is a nice base for any homemade or store bought dressing you may want to add after construction

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