What is your favorite personal travel picture?

Few of unforgettable moments in my life which was caught in the camera.

1) Munnar (In Kerala)

This picture, showing a shaggy little Icelandic horse investigating my friend's backside, is my absolute favorite.  Let me tell you why...


1 . This picture was taken in Pench forest , Madhya Pradesh .

So here are some of my favourites (it is so hard to choose!):

This is a picture I took at Jodhpur. Its almost like I hired the pigeon to pose through the jharoka:

This is such a hard question because I have so many.

However, I will post some pictures I have from my visits to Egypt because it is the first foreign country I visited so you can imagine, it is kind of special to me. Note that these pictures are not from the same years but I'll explain.

Year 2007 - my second time in Egypt. We were again in Hurghada but from there we had a trip to the Sahara desert...

Where my father took these amazing photos of our group when we finally arrived to our destination and were ready to explore our surroundings..

Aug 2012, before leaving for Indonesia, I went to Nepal on a much-needed-break-that-I-waited-for-7-years vacation. It was first experience in the hills and chills in my adulthood (I went to Shimla when I was a kid.)
I must day that I loved it thoroughly. Absolutely amazing.

Here, this is one which I took while aboard a cable car on the way to the temple of Maa Manokamana devi.

How does the US Army ensure food provisions for their troops on the ground during hostile missions (e.g. Iraq invasion)?

When I deployed during Desert Storm, our cooks went with us. We brought a portable kitchen, as well as a supply of MREs and T-Rations. We had the T-Rations for our first meal. The cooks set up the portable kitchen and cooked the T-Rations. Those were sealed trays of food. Dunk them in hot water to heat,

What would you show of humanity to aliens if you could only show one thing?

We're talking the fact that our entire race's survival rests on this show and tell, right?First, and most important, I'd learn a bit about the alien society: what do they value, what do the aliens hold up as an ideal?Then whatever that