What is your favorite sports talk show?

Both are radio programs, PHIL MUSICK Show, Ken Carman Show ( a superstar in the budding stage, that will go on being a national voice heard more frequently than his current Sunday night CBS National gig.

Phil Musick unfortunately passed away but he always had the most unusual takes on all sports, that made listening to him thought provoking on sports and life. He is truly missed by me and all of the readers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Newspaper, where he wrote sports columns for decades along with other human interest stories. A very smart and polite person that believed in all mediums it's important to listen to the reader or radio listener especially in Pittsburgh where the fans are smart.

Can we decrease the frequency of light so much that it converts into another type of light, e.g. red light converted into blue or X-ray visible light?

I think yes. A good example of that is the cosmic microwave background (CMB): A large amount of light was emitted during the decoupling (point when the photons could start moving freely without interacting with the plasma) at the early

Do different animals see different stars in the sky?

Not really.Different animals might have somewhat different ways in which they perceive light than we humans.  Some birds and insects can see in ultraviolet, for example, so I can see how one might wonder if there were not stars that emitted light in UV but not in visible light, stars that these animals could see

What movies have the best surprise endings/twists? Is there any movie with such a big twist ending that I'll never forget its impact?

For me in particular, one movie twist that is undoubtedly timeless and shocking to the core is that found in the original "Planet of the Apes", starring Charlton Heston, Roddy McDowall and Kim Hunter amongst others. Based on the 1963 French novel