What is your favorite woodworking television show?

Well, two obvious choices are the classics:

  • The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill
    Traditional hand tools, heavy on history and homespun philosophy
  • The New Yankee Workshop with Norm Abrams
    Modern power tool techniques, occasional visits to production facilities

These each have their adherents, who often get into interwebs flame wars, but I'm going with the third, less obvious alternative:

  • Tool Time with Tim Allen
    Fictitious handyman's show on Home Improvement - heavy on humor, mockery, and "More Power"

I'm not a woodworker, really, but have done enough to appreciate woodworking.

I enjoy watching "The Woodrights Shop" on PBS. He does everything by hand ( the "hard way"), with few to no power tools.

There's one thing that bugs the crap out of me about that show, though. He's got the shop safety sense of a rhesus monkey! No safety glasses, getting his fingers too close to the spinning bits of a wood lathe, the list goes on.

I thoroughly enjoy learning how older furniture, and tools, and the like were made, and seeing the hand-work skills he has - they ARE impressive! Just, for the love of god, get some shop safety sense before you try to replicate him!

While "This old house" with Norm Abrams is fun to watch, my personal favorite is Home | The Woodwright's Shop with Roy Underhill | PBS

Underhill brings a unique presentation of hand tools, practical demonstration, and common sense that is fun and refreshing to watch.

Check it out.

Although my propensity leans greater towards ‘power tools'. The methods that Roy Underhill teaches on his PBS show ‘The Woodwright's Shop' are rock solid truths to build a career-on. There are situations/applications where alcohol powered tools will give as good as or better results than a screaming power tool. There will always be ‘time is of the essence' projects where power tools are appropriate, but knowledge in the care and use of hand tools is a valuable knowledge/skill to have.

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