What is your least favorite episode of your favorite show?

Phineas and Ferb - "Phineas and Ferb Get Busted"

I can't even stand hearing the name and everything about it in it! THEY RUINED MY LOVE FOR THIS SHOW!! Dan and Jeff Swampy Marsh had a terrible idea that time. The school was nothing more than a prison military laboratory, All the boys are all bald as punishment, Being Brainwashed when you're just trying to have a good summer! And Perry's cover was blown! It's all an endless nightmare! The only fine part is that Perry woke up in fear from the episode he was dreaming, Phineas calmed him down, And Perry smiled and went back to sleep glad that it was just a nightmare he had. IN reality, It was all just Perry the Platypus having a REALLY bad nightmare.

DO NOT Look up this episode. You don't even want to know. If you do, It'll give you nightmares and images that will HAUNT you like they did to me. Don't look this up. It's for your own safety. For your online safety!

Final Grade: F

Do you keep your anime watching a secret?

No,I love anime and I see no reason why I should not express it everyday of my life.If people don't agree with me so be it,they are missing out in life.

How does Netflix compensate its employees?

Netflix is actually an unorthodox company in pay. Via: How Netflix pays its employeesWhile that's a highly unusual approach, what's really radical is what comes next. Employees get to choose how much of their total pay comes in cash versus equity. Risk-averse employees

Would police officers ever accept food from a stranger?

Wow, these are really sad answers :(Last year for Christmas & Thanksgiving, I made Italian beef on tTankgiving, & BBQ pork on Christmas, and dropped them off with buns, chips, pop, disposable plates & cups, candy for their kids, etc.I live in IN, so pork loin is cheap here, but beef never is. I