What is your life changing moment?

So I always love studying because it's give you wing to fly ,to do what you want .I always want to study one of the best school .So starting of my school was not good because of money This was the worst reason for me or may be my parents have no idea how to choose school for their children after that I moved some randomly school .It was not also what I want

So I study there .When am in class fifth .I come to know there was a very good school in my hometown .That was English medium .So I really want to do study there .So I told my parents that I want to take admission there and he totally said no to me that he can't do that because they really don't have money .

I hate that when you are so interested in study and another one is not interested to give you an effort to reach your goal .So because of money I always want to do what I never want . But as time told us nothing is continuous everything is changed according to time .so now my parents are too supportive to me .But those change my perceptive for something's .So I decided myself that one day I earn a lot of money and be a independent person.And am working on my goal .


I am still waiting for my life changing moment, but I can list some of my precious/life changing moment below:-

  1. Coming to this beautiful world and raised in hand of the most beautiful and caring parenthood and getting all the good manners from my Parents that means a lot or everything..
  2. Once in childhood , I was playing with stones and throwing them here and there. Then one stone hit a chicken and took life of that innocent creature since there was no fault from the chicken and it died on my hand. That moment is very painful for me. From that day I care for all the creature made by almighty.
  3. I found I have a huge interest in meditation from my childhood but I still far away from enlightenment.
  4. I was good student since my childhood and I became topper in School and my whole block in 10th(Board) exam. News reporters came to my house and clicked a photo with my Parents and published in newspaper. That was damn a precious moment for me to see smile and happiness on my parents face.
  5. I got selected in TCS. This was my first interview.

That is all.

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Thanks Akshay for A2A. I appreciate you getting my opinion on this question.

First of all I am just entering the domain of mbbs right now and I feel a sense of maturity ingraining in my veins. My heart and head are constantly inter engaging and sorting out the anxiousness of taking this field and improving myself. Becoming thick in my skin and thin in my brain. This sure as hell feels like a life-changing moment when you get what you wanted. Before when I was preparing for medical exams everyone was like beta just get admission life will be easier. Pure nonsense. This is what actually studies are and books of science are. It feel heaven reading new books and hell being away from my parents and living in a hostel. But I am adamant to prove my worth. This absolutely would not sound like a huge life changing moment but who knows what will happen.

I can answer this.

For me, a major life changing moment was the after effects of reading 'The Monk who sold his Ferrari'.

I tried to implement many of the ideas discussed in it which have played a role towards shaping me into the type of person I am now.



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