What is your real life ghost story? Or any supernatural thing that has happened to you?

I want to share my story. Its a pretty long one.

In Pune, I was in a convent school which had two campuses, namely the junior school, from play group till 4th and then the high school, from 5th to 12th standard. I had just passed my 4th standard and moved into the high school. Here, we boys were given a choice to participate for sports and girls for dance. I had opted to play football and I used to wait back after school with my friends to practice for the same for around two hours. The girls used to practice dance in an auditorium for an hour or so and leave.

As I was new, I used to warm up and post that, I used to practice at a place near the auditorium. This was my normal routine for about a month. My parents had got me a cycle for me to go to school by then.

In school, I used to be an average student in studies, and always used to be bullied by seniors and fellow students and I had no friends. Even at home, my family members used to like me less, and do all the basic things for me only. My life was a recluse until a day that was going to change my life.

Slowly, all the junior children who used to practice football along with me, left the practice and I alone was left. Seniors who represented school used to be there. One day, while practicing, I see all that the girls had left except one, who was 3 to 4 years senior to me, and was practicing in the auditorium. The ball mistakenly went to the door, and for first time, I saw her dance. It was really beautiful and hypnotising. I was stuck at watching her. But when she saw me, she pushed me away from the hall, stating that I am not allowed there. This ordeal occured quite often a number of times after which, I started ignoring her.

One day, I had a bad fight with my seniors and I was beaten up very badly. My teachers too punished me, and same day I had got my maths test paper, in which I failed. I stayed back after school but I didn't practice. I just sat in a corner and kept crying.

It was late evening, and that girl left after completing her dance practice and saw me crying. She then came upto me and asked what happened and I narrated everything to her.

After speaking to me, she learnt that I am not a notorious kid like many others, but a good one who needs help. She then told me that she will be my friend forever and will help me in my studies and punish anyone who harms me. But she took one vow from me: I should never ask anyone about her, or tell anyone about her. I quickly agreed to her. That night when I went home, my parents behaved in a very loving manner with me, and showered their love, even when they got a complaint from my teacher and saw my less marks. But they asked me how will I go about improving in studies. Then I told them that I have a friend, who will help me in studies after school and sports practice, but didn't take her name. They readily agreed and allowed me to do so.

Then everyday I used to attend school, complete my football practice and visit her home, where she used to take my studies just like a private tution teacher. I used to reach my home at around 9PM in the night. I had very hectic schedule, but I was happy to make a new friend.

She was no less than Google for me. She knew every subject, every topic. Her explanations were world class. Also when I needed a break, she used to tell me other things and also make me smile. We used to spend a good time together. My parents started loving me than never before. In my class, all the good students befriended me, and even the toppers started asking me questions they couldn't solve and I used to do answer them like a boss. She was like a personal djinn to me (Just like Jadoo in Koi.... Mil Gaya. Infact when I saw the movie, I remembered her and cried a lot, as I compared him to her). I had become a famous kid in my school, excelled in studies and extra cirricular activities. My parents loved me and my fellowmates respected me. I had all the characteristics of a good student. But she never helped me in exam halls and I never needed it.

But on the other hand, the bullies and bad students envied me and thought of teaching me a lesson. One day they found me doing my football practice alone, surrounded me and assaulted me with hockey sticks and baseball bats. They were led by two Christian brothers who were the biggest bullies in the entire school. They threatened me and told me to not to come to school from tomorrow. I waited for her to come and when she saw me, she quickly came to my rescue. She then brought some medicine and post taking that, I was able to go home. Then she left without saying anything. She was fuming with anger and I wondered what will she do.

Same night, those brothers at their home, were playing around and they unknowingly urinated on an electric pole which had a wire hanging from it (You might had seen such scenes in the movie, 3 idiots). They suffered shocks which were minor, but their private parts were all burnt and removed by operation. They got so frightened that they left the school and flew away to Dubai.

Also, when my parents came to know, they informed the school principal, and their accomplices were resticated and handed over to the local police.

But this incident also had invited wrath of a few teachers as well. Everyone now started worshipping me as a new bully in school. But I didn't like it and wanted to concentrate on my studies. This is why I have to go to school above all.

My Hindi teacher was utterly jealous of me. She used to humiliate me in front of everyone for no valid reasons. One day, after recess, I came 5 minutes late as I was speaking to my class teacher over an important topic. Agitated, she took a wooden scale which was damaged, and hit on my knuckles so hard that a piece of wood went inside the bone and was paining ruthlessly. My hand was fractured and I was on plaster for a few weeks. I couldn't do anything with my right hand.

Then my friend too came to know about it. The day on which that teacher hit me, the same night, suffered excruciating pain in her stomach and was admitted in a hospital where she was declared unable to conceive and her ovaries were removed. Now, my Hindi teacher wanted to take revenge against me. Also she was one of those who never admits defeat. So she started spying on me and followed me to my friend's place where I used to go for studies.

I found my friend's ways of avenging too unethical and I even told her not to harm anyone like that. She told me that she will not let anyone live in peace who harms me. I too didn't had much control over her. She then told me about her brother who was like me, and who committed suicide due to bullies, and didn't want to see anyone dying like her brother.

She was there with me for almost 4 years until I had my encounter with that Hindi teacher.

One day, I was called in the principal's office and I saw my parents too who had been called upon. The principal asked me where do I go after my school and sports practice and to whom do I talk as my Hindi teacher had complained against me. I resisted speaking anything due to the promise I made to my friend. But now I was threatened for restication and totally pressurised. So I blurted out her name and address. The next thing what I heard was the biggest shock of my life.

I was told that the girl who I had mentioned as my friend and whom I visit daily, has died in 1985 due to an accidental blast in the chemistry lab. I was then instructed not to participate in sports anymore and my cycle was taken away from me. I then used to be picked up daily by my parents after school. Post that day she never met me and I couldn't go to her home.

But I didn't believe anyone, and I was looking for a chance to escape and visit her. I had my exams nearing, so I gave my exams and one day I somehow escaped my home at 1AM in the night to meet her.

I reached her home and found her weeping. She asked me why did I break the vow. I explained her that I was threatened so I had to tell. She then asked me to leave but I refused. But when I touched her shoulder from back to console her, so she got up and turned her face towards me. She was in her real horrifying form: half of her face was missing, an eye completely out, burnt hair, blackened face and drenched in her own blood. She screamed loudly and picked up a log of wood with a nail and hit right across me head. I was so badly hurt that I fell unconscious.

The nail mark is still near my right eye.

You can dismiss this as seeing what we wanted to see but the fact that there was two of us having the same experience, it's difficult for me to find an alternate explanation.

It was a few days after my grandmother funeral. I had traveled to Athens to be there for my dad and was returning home on this day.

Before going to the airport we went to the graveyard and into the church to light a candle. As you can imagine, my dad had been distraught in the days since he lost his mum.

As we walked into the church we saw a woman. She was standing with her back to us. Me and my dad looked at each other but said nothing. She was dressed all in black just as my Grandmother had dressed every day from the day her husband, my grandfather had died many years before. Her hair was the same as my grandmother.

She turned and walked off to the side and sit on a bench.

It was her.

The woman sitting on the bench was my beautiful grandmother. There she sat, on the bench, looking like the Angel she always was. Her kind and beautiful face looking peaceful and happy. She had her clutch bag under her arm in the same way she always did.

Neither me or my dad said a single word to each other . We stood, frozen in time. There were no words to be uttered. This moment felt like a miracle and at the he same time, the most natural thing in the world.

Silently, he walked to the woman.

I watched him with silent tears streaming down my face.

I stared as he approached her. He too was crying.

He bent down and he said 2 words. My mother.

My grandmother smiled at him knowingly. Her eyes spoke the words as clearly as if she had said it aloud. I'm ok. I'm at peace now. Go and be happy.

He kissed her forehead and walked back to me.

We lit our candles and left the church to head off to the airport.

We never spoke of it. There was nothing to say. We experienced something extraordinary together. No words were adequate.

Until this day, I have never spoken of this to anyone. I think I might have written briefly of it here before but I've never actually relayed this story verbally to anyone.

Why? It isn't because I'm afraid nobody will believe me. I don't need you to. I don't need anyone to speculate or dissect our experience. It was real to us.

My dad got to kiss his mother goodnight.

This happened to my brother many years back.

Back in the days, I was back in Singapore for a summer vacation as I was still attending college in Canada. My brother, who is a bike lover, loves to ride his bike on trips with his friends who are also bikers. With his four friends, two couples, he went on a trip to Genting Highlands in Malaysia on his bike, so there are three bikes in the group.

After arriving there in the late afternoon which was around 4 pm, they went straight to check in on their hotel reservation. At the desk, they somehow met and overheard that two girls around their age were not able to get a room as all have been booked. Seeing that they are almost around their same age and perhaps of the same race (yes, we are Chinese) my brother's group offered to let them share the room. It is a room with double Queen size bed and they have planned to let the girls have the beds and the guys sleeping on the floor. Those two girls accepted the offer and the evening went without any incidents. They went around scenery seeing, some shopping, visiting the casino and even had dinner with those two girls. All this while, they were taking pictures (this happened in the early 90s and still using 35mm negative camera) including various group shots. Again, they enjoyed the whole evening without any abnormal incidents.

The next morning, when my brother woke up, he noticed that those two girls were missing in the room but didnt really pay much attention to it. Then, the door bell rang and they realized those girls have gone out to buy the group breakfast as an appreciation for sharing the room with them. After they have finished their breakfast, the group bid farewell to the girls, who stayed behind, and went on with their scenery seeing on their bikes, then back to Singapore.

On the second day, back at home, my brother answered a phone call from his friends and went out in a haste without saying anything. When he returned, he told me his friends had the photos printed and all of the group shots with those two girls in it, they were missing with empty spaces. They have checked on the negatives with the same result. After the group had enough of looking at the photos and negative, they burned them right on the spot. Everyone was just too scared to keep them.

FYI, when they took those photos, the sun was still up. Are they ghosts? Extraterrestrial? Beings from another dimension? I dont know and I am sure my brother has no idea what he has encountered too.

P.S. My brother is working for Harley-Davidson in Singapore, you are free to verify with him....:)

I've had both intense and calm experiences.
For most of my life ghosts have just been one of those facts of life. My father's house has a ghost in it. The previous owner - he did not die violently or even in the house. He just didn't want to leave. I could tell he was around though what I can only describe as a sense of a change in air pressure. It's not entirely accurate but the best description I've found. He would play with the cats, close doors and windows, turn off lights in rooms no one was in and sometimes you could hear him walking up the stairs. He was always helpful and I got a bit spoiled having him around.

The other house I grew up in had a couple... one that was about the same height and built like my brother. Now and then you'd see him out of the corner of your eye standing in the dim hallway. He wore a white shirt so it was hard to miss - the hall was all dark wood panel with nothing white in it. For a while the computer desk was next to the hall door and I caught myself talking to my 'brother' for a couple minutes before looking up and seeing that no one was there.

For intense.... A friend who knew about the ghost experiences in my past wanted to see if I would be able to pick out the location of a ghost in a house he knew about. A family had just moved out and he knew the folks getting the place cleaned up for a new tenant so we went over while the place was still empty. I got a tour of the house and did feel a bit uneasy for most of it... then I got to a closet that just felt wrong. It didn't have a door - just a curtain. When I pulled it back though I didn't see anything I almost threw up - the emotions that hit me were so intense I could barely stand it. Misery, hatred, despair... I stumbled back out of the house and all I could think was suicide. When I told my friend he nodded and said someone hung himself in that closet the month before.

Did any of this change my life? It's hard to say. I've been aware of all of it since I was young and since most of the ghosts I've come across have been almost like quiet, well-behaved roommates, I never thought to worry about it. I just accepted that they would move on in their own time.

After some research I learned that a lot of 'ghosts' like that are residual. chances are the guy in the hallway would disappear if all the metal parts in the area were replaced.

The suicide, though... that made me reconsider the tales of 'Hell'. I don't think it's permanent but I bet the guy will be trapped there in his misery for a long time... Stuck with all the same emotions that drove him to kill himself. To me it served as proof that suicides go to hell - though not in the way described. I hope in time he is able to work though it enough to look around and realize it's over. Many times I've wanted to go back and check but it's kinda hard to knock on a strangers door and ask if you can check out one of the closets real quick to see if there's still a ghost in it.

Rather than ghost story, I would like to describe a supernatural experience which chills my spine till date. It was way back in 2015, when I started my first job in Pune. I stayed there with a friend of mine, she worked in night shifts and I was in a 9am to 6pm schedule. So, most of the nights I had to stay alone and it was a 2bhk flat.

That was a normal day too like any other, I came home from office around 7.30pm. Made myself a cup of tea and spoken to my parents for a while over phone. Then I tried watching a movie, and simultaneously cooked some dinner. Though it was a 2bhk flat, me and Madhurima stayed in one room and the other room was more like cloth dumping room for us. We would usually dump clothes in the other room for 5 days, and arrange in over the weekend as Saturdays and Sundays were the days where we would meet each other for 24 hours completely.

I had dinner at around 10pm, and thought of lying down for a while. I closed my eyes and after a fraction of seconds, I can't move my body at all. I can even move my tongue, can't move my eye lid or legs. My body was extremely heavy, as if I am glued to the bed. That's when I could hear two people talking, one on my bed near my leg and other on Madhurima's bed. They were whispering something which I can't hear properly, they opened the door which I closed before getting into the bed. I could feel a lot of negativity around me, I was never so scared before. Finally, I chanted hanuman chalisa in mind as I wasn't able to move my tongue. Sadly I remembered just 2 lines of the chalisa, next thing I did was I started chanting Gayatri Mantra. I remembered the Gayatri mantra completely, after 10 seconds I could move my tongue and my body started to feel lighter now.

I was frightened but somehow managed to open my eyes, chanting Gayatri Mantra really loud. The room was empty and the door was open. I was feeling so weak that I could barely stand. Till date I couldn't find the mystery behind the incident, I don't know what was that feeling. I shared this with Madhurima next morning before going to office, and she said even she had experienced some incidents as such.

Okay, so apparently my house is "haunted" (or perhaps guarded?) by a ghost of a lady and she showed up in one of the pictures I took.

It was new years eve past my usual bedtime, mid-schooler me and my sister decided to have fun with fireworks outside our house, overlooking our garden. My sister took one of those small fireworks that you can hold by hand. The sparks created by the firework was so pretty, so I took out my camera (it was a big digital camera, pretty good in its era) and took a picture of my sister holding the firework, then continued having fun before our mom yelled at us to get us to the bed.

The next day, I took the memory card off my camera and plugged it in my laptop. My sister soon joined me reviewing the pictures I took. My sister looks nice on the picture I took last night, but then I noticed something odd. There were "orbs" floating in the garden (which was far from the light source). I brushed it off as just dusts on the lens, but being a mischievous big sister (sorry, Nad!), I tried to spook my sister by saying "I read on the internet that those orbs are indicator of ghosts nearby". Instead of getting spooked, my curious lil sis started taking over my laptop and started zooming in the picture. It was a big mistake. As she zooming in (I believe around 200%), we noticed something that freaks the living being out of ourselves. Behind my sister's head, there was a face looking straight to the camera. It was so clear, that it's still etched on our minds. The description of the face? She was as pale as papers, "ghostly" white (bad pun, riz), the eyes are as black as the night, and there are black circle around them. She has long jetblack hair and she wears a white gown. Oh, she also stood behind my late Grandpa's plant that was huge.

Now, back to the terrified me and my sister. We were literally started screaming, I covered my eyes, screaming "DELETE THE PIC!!!" as I was so scared that the lady will haunt us. I pressed the delete button, peeping through my fingers while trying to avoid looking at the face. Then it was deleted. We ran to my Grandma's house nearby and told our family about what happened. Of course no one believed us. My uncle jokingly said "You should've saved that pic and send it to that "Astral World" TV Program" ("Dunia Lain", for fellow Indonesian folks).

The nights following that event were many sleepless night. And the following years, there are events that made me believe that we're not the only one who have encountered her. Mind you, our family never really tell our story to other people (mostly already forgot about that at the time of these events):

  1. My mom kept dreaming about a lady in white gowns following her.
  2. My mom's guest abruptly ran out of our house after briefly stood inside. My mom told me that she's that type of person that are capable of "seeing" stuff and she told my mom that there's a "lady" who was so terrifying (she's usually cool with what she sees, but that time she just can't bear it).
  3. My uncle from my hometown brought his friend to stay at our house on holiday. During the first days staying, the friend looks fine. The next days he has this weird look on his face, like constantly worried and scared at the same time. He prefer to stay outside most of the time. After they left, my relative told my mom about what his friend saw. He said a lady keeps appearing in front of his face. And what he said to my mom next shocked us: "She's not evil in nature. She likes you and Nadia (my lil sis). And sometimes she guards you two, but sometimes she also can be annoying by misplacing your stuff".

And other similar stories from people who have no idea of what we were weeing, always giving us the same description. Overtime, we came to term with her existence. As long as she doesn't bother me, I thought.

And a note about the picture, there were no one around when we took the picture, so I don't think there's logical explanation to what we were seeing. I've sketch what I saw (pardon my bad sketch, it looks quite funny drawn)

Have you ever been bitten by a ladybug?

Yes, many times.A few summers ago, my house somehow teemed with them.They would occasionally bite when you didn't even know they were there, and it tended to be fairly painful as bug bites go.Good news is the bites weren't itchy afterwards.

What experience changed the way you think now?

Well to be honest a lot of things actually. I'll try to focus on the most recent one..I'm preparing for an competitive exam which makes me to stay in my house for the entire day. You can call it a house arrest. I've lost contact with the outer world. It's been almost 2 months since I haven't

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