What is your reason to visit Pakistan?

As an American traveling on a tour whose primary purpose was to observe a "Full Solar Eclipse" at an optimum place (the Gobi Desert north of Altai, China just a few miles from all of Mongolia/Siberia/Kazakhstan), our tour was also for cultural & scenic regions.

And, before the eclipse, a 3–4-night overland travel from Kashgar, China down to Gilgit in N-W Pakistan and return to Kashgar (in 2009)

SPECTACULAR Scenery and interesting culture (quite friendly

People learn to the utmost when they face lethal times. Pakistan is one of the developing countries in the world which of course face many challenges;a so do its people. Any person who faces difficulties in his/her life is bond to be a much learned person rather than one who does not. This is a much stronger reason to visit Pakistan.

However there are many reasons to visit Pakistan which reflect her positive areas also.

As a person of Indian origin, Pakistan is one of my must-visit destinations.

I have heard a lot about how friendly and hospitable Pakistanis are towards Indians, despite all the issues between our two countries. Apparently, Lahore is famous for its cuisine as well.

I have also heard about the natural beauty of Pakistan.

I hope I get to visit someday.

Pakistan gives you the taste of four weathers, diversified cultures, colourful and historical places, unimaginable welcoming people and many more opportunities to witness nature from the near.

How to help others in need

Some time we can help others by not helping them let them do their work ✌Let them try.

What have you heard a doctor say that surprised you?

Every time when a doctor says he/she will not recommend anyone to study medicine.‘why' he/she does brainwashing of the naive students like me.Strange!I have recently seen those are the grumpy doctors and I really don't understand why they radiate negativity

What are the creepiest paranormal experiences one ever had?

A2A.Many years ago, when I was a teenager, my parents, me and 9 year old sister shifted to a rented house. The house was very dirty and badly maintained.It just felt spooky. There were lots of lizards and spiders and such. We cleared off