What is your regular daily eating routine?

What and how you eat is dependent on your age, your sex and how much exercise you do. No one needs to eat meat. You should eat a reasonable breakfast, a large lunch and a light dinner but modern life makes that hard. I found not eating breakfast wasn't good for me. I'm in China at the moment and eat noodles with seaweed, chilli, steamed lettuce and peanuts for breakfast and I feel really good for it. Lunch and dinner is mixed vegetables, tofu and rice. I eat lots of bananas and a few small oranges. You should be hungry when you eat so try to avoid snacking. Allow time between meals and always try to do a little exercise everyday even if it just means going for a walk. Be wise and don't eat things that are obviously not good for you like meat, sweets and processed fast food. Avoid deep fried food as much as possible. Oil becomes toxic at high temperatures. Think about how food affects your mind as well as your body. Don't eat too much raw food as its too cooling. What you eat will affect your moods so be wise. Live everyday as though it were your last. Learn everyday as though you were going to live forever. Peace be with you. Kevin.

What can I do to make my life any better?

I'm a podcast guy. I'd love to have my own podcast one day, but for now, I listen to a lot of them.Star Talk, Joe Rogan, Bill Burr, Rooster Teeth, even the new TG Podcast to name a few. Whenever I've got the time

How did people react to you dropping out of college?

Asked to answer.They make your life hell and try their best to make you realize that you committed the biggest mistake of your life. They make you feel like you've committed a crime.If you are from a conservative society or country (India in my case) which

What are some common myths that are not true?

Myths about Suicide1.MYTH: "You have to be psychiatrically ill even to think about suicide".FACT: Most people have thought of suicide from time to time. Most suicides and suicide attempts are made by intelligent, temporarily confused individuals who are expecting too much of themselves, especially in the midst